Columbus Wedding Photography

Kirstie + Jesse | VUE Columbus | Columbus, Ohio

Weddings are always a good time, especially when you’re friends with the bride!  Kirstie & Jesse tied the knot at Vue Columbus, an urban yet modern & gorgeous event space downtown.  They were surrounded by family and friends, married by Kirstie’s “second dad” in a ceremony with personal vows and perfectly planned details.  Their day was filled with laughter, heart-felt speeches and lots of beautiful memories.

We were thankful to be a part of the start of their story.  We wish you many years of love & happiness Kirstie & Jesse!  Meet the Mr & Mrs…

Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-2Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-2BColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-3Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-4Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-5Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-1Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-6Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-7Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-8Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-9Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-9bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-10Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-11Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-12Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-12bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-13Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-14Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-15Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-16Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17aColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17cColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-18Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-19Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-19bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-20Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-20bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-21Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-22Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-23Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-24Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-25Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-25bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-26Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-27Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-28Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-29Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-30Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-31Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-32Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-33

Upper Arlington / Columbus Wedding Photography

Kristin + Scott  // St Andrew Church, Upper Arlington, Ohio // VUE, Columbus, Ohio

This was one of our favorite weddings ever!  Maybe it was because of the fun-loving couple and bridal party.  Maybe it was because of the beautiful venue(s) and perfect weather.  Or maybe it was a combination of all the details, big & small!  Whatever the reasons, we had an amazing time shooting Kristin & Scott’s wedding day and are thankful they chose us to capture the memories.

The day started at St Andrew Church in Upper Arlington, a place we’ve come to know for the beautiful ambiance & stained glass windows.  The bride & groom did a “faux” first look and the bridal parties were fun & relaxed.

On the way to the venue, we stopped at the beautiful Schiller Park in German Village for some bridal party pictures.  We then headed to the VUE Columbus for a top-notch, wedding-white reception.  The details were perfect & the venue was GORGEOUS!  We hope to visit the VUE time and time again!  We loved working with this couple & wish Kristin & Scott the best version of “happily ever after!”

Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-1Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-2Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-3Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-4Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-5Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-10Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-11Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-12Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-13Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-14Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-15Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-16Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-17Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-18Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-19Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-20Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-21Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-22Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-23Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-24Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-25Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-25bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-26Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-27Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-27bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-28Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-29Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-30Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-31Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-31bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-32Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-33Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-34Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-35Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-36Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-36bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-37Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-38Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-39Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-40Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-41Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-42Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-43Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-44