Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography

Baby Callan  // Stylized newborn + Family lifestyle session // Dublin, Ohio

Callan first came to the studio for her Stylized Newborn session and was a complete doll! She slept, smiled & slept some more. Her big brother, Griffin, accompanied her in some of the pics and was one of the best three year olds I’ve worked with {insert bribe of taking home a toy car, but really, he was great!}  Toddlers have a mind of their own and are not always cooperative, but G seems like he really loves having a new baby sister. 🙂

Her parents, Brook & Melissa, opted to do an add-on lifestyle session of the family, so I followed them for part 2 and kept the camera rolling.  Older siblings Connor & Addi got in on the action and everyone tooks turns loving on their tiny new addition. Welcome home baby Callan, you are sweet as can be!

Callan newborn FB-1Callan newborn FB-2Callan newborn FB-3Dublin Newborn Photography-1Dublin Newborn Photography-2Dublin Newborn Photography-3Callan newborn FB-4Dublin Newborn Photography-4Dublin Newborn Photography-5Dublin Newborn Photography-6Dublin Newborn Photography-7Dublin Newborn Photography-8Dublin Newborn Photography-9Dublin Newborn Photography-10Dublin Newborn Photography-11Dublin Newborn Photography-12Dublin Newborn Photography-13Dublin Newborn Photography-14Dublin Newborn Photography-15Dublin Newborn Photography-16Dublin Newborn Photography-17Dublin Newborn Photography-18Dublin Newborn Photography-19Dublin Newborn Photography-20Dublin Newborn Photography-21Dublin Newborn Photography-22Dublin Newborn Photography-23

Plain City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Newborn lifestyle session | Plain City, Ohio

We were honored when this momma contacted us.  Her email started with, “I’m not really big on newborn photos, but I saw some of your in-home photos and I loved them!”  So she started off as one of our favorite clients. 🙂  We love lifestyle sessions and were happy they chose to work with us.  Their home was beautiful and neutral, and the new baby was as precious as babies can be.  Here is a peek!

Katie P lifestyle newborn-1Katie P lifestyle newborn-2Katie P lifestyle newborn-3Katie P lifestyle newborn-4Katie P lifestyle newborn-5Katie P lifestyle newborn-5bKatie P lifestyle newborn-5cKatie P lifestyle newborn-6Katie P lifestyle newborn-6bKatie P lifestyle newborn-7Katie P lifestyle newborn-8Katie P lifestyle newborn-9Katie P lifestyle newborn-10Katie P lifestyle newborn-11Katie P lifestyle newborn-12Katie P lifestyle newborn-13

Lewis Center Newborn Photography

Sauder Family | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Lewis Center, Ohio

This beautiful family of four was a pleasure to spend a Sunday morning with!  Momma and her three boys [including hubby] were all smiles and full of love.  Here are some of our favorites from their lifestyle session…

Sauder newborn-1 Sauder newborn-2 Sauder newborn-3 Sauder newborn-4 Sauder newborn-5 Sauder newborn-6 Sauder newborn-7 Sauder newborn-8 Sauder newborn-9 Sauder newborn-10 Sauder newborn-11 Sauder newborn-12 Sauder newborn-13 Sauder newborn-14 Sauder newborn-15 Sauder newborn-16

Sauder newborn-26 Sauder newborn-17 Sauder newborn-18 Sauder newborn-19 Sauder newborn-20 Sauder newborn-21 Sauder newborn-22 Sauder newborn-23 Sauder newborn-24 Sauder newborn-25