Lewis Center Newborn Photography

Sauder Family | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Lewis Center, Ohio

This beautiful family of four was a pleasure to spend a Sunday morning with!  Momma and her three boys [including hubby] were all smiles and full of love.  Here are some of our favorites from their lifestyle session…

Sauder newborn-1 Sauder newborn-2 Sauder newborn-3 Sauder newborn-4 Sauder newborn-5 Sauder newborn-6 Sauder newborn-7 Sauder newborn-8 Sauder newborn-9 Sauder newborn-10 Sauder newborn-11 Sauder newborn-12 Sauder newborn-13 Sauder newborn-14 Sauder newborn-15 Sauder newborn-16

Sauder newborn-26 Sauder newborn-17 Sauder newborn-18 Sauder newborn-19 Sauder newborn-20 Sauder newborn-21 Sauder newborn-22 Sauder newborn-23 Sauder newborn-24 Sauder newborn-25

Dublin Maternity & Family Photography

The Grimm Family | Maternity & Milestone session | ML Red Trabue Nature Reserve | Dublin, Ohio

We could not love this family any more!  Words can’t express how adorable, sweet and easy to photograph they are.  Grayson was one of our first milestone packages in 2014 and he is already 18 months old… time flies, as they say.  He just continues to get cuter if that is possible!  And momma G is glowing with her newest bundle of love growing in her belly.  This stylish, fun family, along with the beautiful glow of sunset, blended for the perfect session.
Grimm-1 Grimm-2 Grimm-3 Grimm-4 Grimm-5 Grimm-6 Grimm-7 Grimm-8 Grimm-9 Grimm-10 Grimm-11 Grimm-12 Grimm-13 Grimm-14 Grimm-15 Grimm-16 Grimm-17 Grimm-18 Grimm-19 Grimm-20 Grimm-21 Grimm-22 Grimm-23 Grimm-24 Grimm-25 Grimm-26 Grimm-27 Grimm-28 Grimm-29 Grimm-30 Grimm-31 Grimm-32