Dublin Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Dublin, Ohio

This sweet family wanted a lifestyle feel, but is in the process of moving… so they brought their newest little one and big brother to our home studio space!  Lifestyle sessions using natural light are our favorites and we loved working on their session. Congrats to this growing family!

Rooke newborn-1Rooke newborn-2Rooke newborn-3Rooke newborn-4Rooke newborn-6Rooke newborn-7Rooke newborn-8Rooke newborn-9Rooke newborn-10Rooke newborn-11Rooke newborn-12Rooke newborn-13Rooke newborn-14Rooke newborn-15Rooke newborn-16Rooke newborn-17Rooke newborn-18Rooke newborn-19Rooke newborn-20Rooke newborn-21Rooke newborn-22Rooke newborn-23

Plain City Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Newborn lifestyle session | Plain City, Ohio

We were honored when this momma contacted us.  Her email started with, “I’m not really big on newborn photos, but I saw some of your in-home photos and I loved them!”  So she started off as one of our favorite clients. 🙂  We love lifestyle sessions and were happy they chose to work with us.  Their home was beautiful and neutral, and the new baby was as precious as babies can be.  Here is a peek!

Katie P lifestyle newborn-1Katie P lifestyle newborn-2Katie P lifestyle newborn-3Katie P lifestyle newborn-4Katie P lifestyle newborn-5Katie P lifestyle newborn-5bKatie P lifestyle newborn-5cKatie P lifestyle newborn-6Katie P lifestyle newborn-6bKatie P lifestyle newborn-7Katie P lifestyle newborn-8Katie P lifestyle newborn-9Katie P lifestyle newborn-10Katie P lifestyle newborn-11Katie P lifestyle newborn-12Katie P lifestyle newborn-13

Westerville Newborn Session

Heitkamp Family | Stylized + Lifestyle Session | Westerville, Ohio

The Heitkamp family recently welcomed baby Connor and we got to meet him when he was just shy of three weeks.  Their first session was an in-home stylized session and we had time for a few lifestyle shots as well.  We are excited to work with them again on their family session after the holidays!

Meredith newborn-1Meredith newborn-2Meredith newborn-3Meredith newborn-4Meredith newborn-5Meredith newborn-6Meredith newborn-7Meredith newborn-8Meredith newborn-9Meredith newborn-10

German Village Newborn Session

Martin Family | Stylized + Lifestyle Session | German Village, Ohio

Baby Ethan surprised his mom & dad several weeks early, and after coming home from the hospital, we were blessed to work with him!  They chose the in-home newborn stylized+lifestyle session and split it into two different dates since dad was gone for the styled portion.  We were a tad obsessed with their gorgeous home and had a great time getting to know the family.  Meet the Martins!

Martin newborn-1Martin newborn-2Martin newborn-3Martin newborn-4Martin newborn-5Martin newborn-6Martin newborn-7Martin newborn-8Martin newborn-9Martin newborn-10Martin newborn-11Martin newborn-12Martin newborn-13Martin newborn-14Martin newborn-15Martin newborn-16Martin newborn-17Martin newborn-18Martin newborn-19Martin newborn-20Martin newborn-21Martin newborn-22Martin newborn-23Martin newborn-24Martin newborn-25Martin newborn-26Martin newborn-27




Powell Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Lennon | Newborn & Family Lifestyle Session | Powell, Ohio

We love this family.  Their home is the perfect backdrop for all the sessions they’ve allowed us to do over the last 18+ months.  They are kind, generous and fun to hang out with.  And all four of them ~ ‘big brother’ Grayson and the newest addition, baby Lennon, included ~ are gorgeous.  We are so blessed they continue to allow us to document the intimate and precious moments of their love… 


Newborn-3 Lennon-4 Lennon-5 Lennon-6 Lennon-7 Lennon-8 Lennon-9

Newborn-5 Lennon-10 Lennon-11 Lennon-12

Newborn-6 Lennon-13

Newborn-7 Lennon-14

Newborn-9 Lennon-15


Lennon-1 Lennon-2 Newborn Lennon-16 Lennon-17 Newborn-10

Lewis Center Newborn Photography

Sauder Family | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Lewis Center, Ohio

This beautiful family of four was a pleasure to spend a Sunday morning with!  Momma and her three boys [including hubby] were all smiles and full of love.  Here are some of our favorites from their lifestyle session…

Sauder newborn-1 Sauder newborn-2 Sauder newborn-3 Sauder newborn-4 Sauder newborn-5 Sauder newborn-6 Sauder newborn-7 Sauder newborn-8 Sauder newborn-9 Sauder newborn-10 Sauder newborn-11 Sauder newborn-12 Sauder newborn-13 Sauder newborn-14 Sauder newborn-15 Sauder newborn-16

Sauder newborn-26 Sauder newborn-17 Sauder newborn-18 Sauder newborn-19 Sauder newborn-20 Sauder newborn-21 Sauder newborn-22 Sauder newborn-23 Sauder newborn-24 Sauder newborn-25

Worthington Newborn Photography

Nora | Newborn stylized & lifestyle session | Worthington, Ohio 

Nora’s mommy found us through a referral from a good friend, and we are glad she did! They chose the in-home stylized & lifestyle package, which utilizes your own home and as much natural light as possible.  We spent about half the time with this little babe and the other portion of her session with her family ~ chasing her almost-two-year-old big sister around was a great workout!  Welcome to the world little one…

Nora-11 Nora-10 Nora-9 Nora-8 Nora-6

Nora-5 Nora-4

Nora-7 Nora-3 Nora-2 Nora-1

Upper Arlington Newborn Photography

Spencer | Newborn stylized & lifestyle session | Upper Arlington, Ohio 

Omg!  Spencer was not only the most adorable baby, but such a dreamy sleeper!  We had so much fun cuddling this little guy and laughing with mom and dad ~ such sweet people and already great parents.  Spencer’s family chose the in-home upgraded newborn session, which included a stylized portion [we bring our props to you & use natural light whenever we can] and a lifestyle session with his newly blessed parents… and of course, the family pooch!  We think you’ll agree, he was too, too precious…

Spencer-1 Spencer-2 Spencer-3 Spencer-4 Spencer-5 Spencer-6 Spencer-7 Spencer-8 Spencer-9 Spencer-10 Spencer-11 Spencer-12 Spencer-13 Spencer-14 Spencer-15 Spencer-16

Sunbury Newborn Photography [Hafner Family]

Hafner Family | Lifestyle & Styled Newborn Session | Clintonville, Ohio

We’ve been working with this awesome family for a while and have watched them grow from a family of three to four and recently got to do a session in their newly built home. They did a mix of the stylized [posed] shots and a few lifestyle shots.  Here are some of our favorites, meet little Griffin and big brother Camden…

Hafner - blog-1 Hafner - blog-2 Hafner - blog-3 Hafner - blog-4 Hafner - blog-5 Hafner - blog-6 Hafner - blog-7 Hafner - blog-8 Hafner - blog-9 Hafner - blog-10