Dublin Family & Baby Photography [Our first set of twins!]

Three month milestone session | LBP Studio & Coffman Park | Dublin, OH

We were excited to work with double-the-fun three month olds as our first twin babies!  This is such a fun age as a momma, yet sometimes challenging as a photographer… they can’t sit and often they can’t yet push up [for long] during tummy time.  We started in the studio and then thankfully caught a break with the rain and headed outside for the remainder of the session. These littles did a fabulous job hanging out & eventually even took a nap for us, the perfect time to capture all their details and of course, cuddles!

Wasserman-1 Wasserman-2 Wasserman-3 Wasserman-4 Wasserman-5 Wasserman-6 Wasserman-7 Wasserman-8 Wasserman-9 Wasserman-10 Wasserman-11 Wasserman-12 Wasserman-13 Wasserman-14 Wasserman-15 Wasserman-16 Wasserman-17 Wasserman-18 Wasserman-19

Dublin Cake Smash& First Birthday Photos [Sebastian turns one!]

Sebastian | First Birthday and Cake Smash | Indian Run Falls & LBP Studio | Dublin, OH

We did Sebastian’s session a little ways back, but his momma wanted to keep the photos a surprise until after his birthday party… so we honored her request and are finally getting to post them!  Sebastian’s family did the upgraded First Birthday session, which includes an on location family session and then a cake smash [in studio or on location].  They chose Indian Run Falls as their outdoor location, one of our favorite spots.  Then it was time for the cake and Sebastian was SO SO happy!  With no hesitation at all, he dug right in and we had a great time watching him squeal with joy! 🙂




















Dublin Lifestyle Family Photography [Keller Family]

The Kellers | Family Photography Sunset Session | Lifestyle Photography | Coffman Park | Dublin, OH

The Keller’s session had a number of obstacles; weather, traffic, silly little ones that didn’t want to sit still… so we decided to turn it into a full on lifestyle one and just had fun!  Although lifestyle photography doesn’t always have the traditional, “everyone look at the camera and say cheese” shot, it offers so much more… a time for families to truly interact with one another, as if the camera weren’t there.  Capturing raw, real moments between this family was a pleasure and we hope to see them for years to come.  Meet the Kellers!

Keller-2 Keller-3 Keller-4

Keller-1-2 Keller-5 Keller-6 Keller-7 Keller-8 Keller-9 Keller-10 Keller-11 Keller-12 Keller-13 Keller-14 Keller-15 Keller-16 Keller-17

Dublin Cake Smash & First Birthday Photos [Jillian turns one!]

Jillian | First Birthday and Cake Smash | Coffman Park | Dublin, OH

Jillian’s session was short & VERY sweet, complete with a cake!  She was easy going, so happy and [as you can see] super adorable! Her ‘Hungry Little Caterpillar’ attire suited the park setting perfectly.  Mom had to encourage her a bit to dive into the cake and big sister Julia enjoyed joining in at the end.  Sessions like this make us want to specialize in first birthdays!  Here are some favorites… Jillian -1 Jillian -2 Jillian -3 Jillian -4 Jillian -5

Cake by Tasha’s Treats in Dublin Jillian -6 Jillian -7 Jillian -8 Jillian -9 Jillian -10 Jillian -11 Jillian -12 Jillian -13 Jillian -14 Jillian -15 Jillian -16 Jillian -17 Jillian -18