Dublin lifestyle newborn photography

Baby Hagan | Lifestyle newborn session | Grandview, Ohio

Oh my heart. Seriously. Baby Hagan was a dream – so sleepy and cuddly, such perfect skin and tiny features, so much gorgeous hair. And his parents? Unicorn parents. Perfectly calm, perfectly put together & perfectly… well, beautiful.

Momma and I have been friends since before either of us had babies and it was so surreal to see her with her own little one. I had a fabulous morning hanging out with them, catching up and snuggling baby Hagan. Oh… and we took some pictures! Check out some of my favorites and stay tuned for more, I have a feeling I’ll be sneaking visits to this little guy quite often!

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Dublin Senior Photography

Zoe | Dublin Coffman High School | Dublin, Ohio

Zoe is a sweet, smiley senior who truly has ‘grown up’ over the last several years that I’ve been photographing her family. I was so excited they chose me to document this important milestone and we had a great time in the (sweltering!) sun covering various parts of Dublin. Here is a preview of some of my favorites, so many to love!

Dublin senior photography-3Dublin senior photography-4Dublin senior photography-2Dublin senior photography-5Dublin senior photography-6Dublin senior photography-7Dublin senior photography-8Dublin senior photography-9Dublin senior photography-10Dublin senior photography-11Dublin senior photography-12Dublin senior photography-13Dublin senior photography-14Dublin senior photography-15Dublin senior photography-16Dublin senior photography-17Dublin senior photography-18Dublin senior photography-19Dublin senior photography-20Dublin senior photography-21Dublin senior photography-22Dublin senior photography-23Dublin senior photography-24Dublin senior photography-25

Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday & Cake Smash Photography Session | Dublin, Ohio

I have worked with this family for years and watched one little become two and then three. Now their “baby” is one and we had a great morning hanging out and of course, smashing a cake! Momma made the beautiful cake and it was SO good, the whole family joined in. 🙂 Here are some favorites from their session…

Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-1Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-2Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-3Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-4Fazzio Fall 2018-21Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-6Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-7Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-8Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-9Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-10Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-11Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-12Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-13Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-14Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-15Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-16Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-17Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-18Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-19Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-20

Powell sunset photography

Golden sunset session on the farm | Powell, Ohio 

I’m not sure what I loved most about this amazing session because so many things made my heart happy! The fact that the momma and I have been close friends for almost 30 years & playing with her littles gives me joy. The gorgeous farm setting full of lots of candid opportunities for the kids to play and spark genuine smiles. Or the golden sun that surprised us at the end of a cloudy day. I’m always honored when friends trust me with their family photos because hanging out at the session feels like just that… hanging out! Here are some favorites from our perfectly golden, perfectly joyful sunset session.

powell sunset photography-1powell sunset photography-2powell sunset photography-3powell sunset photography-35powell sunset photography-36powell sunset photography-5powell sunset photography-4powell sunset photography-6powell sunset photography-7powell sunset photography-8powell sunset photography-9powell sunset photography-10powell sunset photography-11powell sunset photography-12powell sunset photography-13powell sunset photography-14powell sunset photography-15powell sunset photography-16powell sunset photography-17powell sunset photography-18powell sunset photography-19powell sunset photography-20powell sunset photography-21powell sunset photography-22powell sunset photography-23powell sunset photography-24powell sunset photography-25powell sunset photography-26powell sunset photography-27powell sunset photography-28powell sunset photography-29powell sunset photography-30powell sunset photography-31powell sunset photography-32powell sunset photography-33

Dublin sunset maternity photography

Erin + Jonathan  | Sunset maternity session | Dublin, Ohio  

When you love a session and loved working with the couple and you get to see them again shortly to snuggle their newest little one… you feel like your job as a photographer is a total blessing. Erin was absolutely glowing and the two of them cuddled and laughed away the evening. The sun even peeked out towards the end and gave us some of that rich, golden glow. These two truly are full of love and joy, the perfect match and soon to be, wonderful parents! Check out some favorites from their maternity session, I’ll be counting down the days until I get to meet baby Bosold!

Dublin sunset maternity photography-2Dublin sunset maternity photography-1Dublin sunset maternity photography-3Dublin sunset maternity photography-4Dublin sunset maternity photography-5Dublin sunset maternity photography-6Dublin sunset maternity photography-7Dublin sunset maternity photography-8Dublin sunset maternity photography-9Dublin sunset maternity photography-10Dublin sunset maternity photography-11Dublin sunset maternity photography-12Dublin sunset maternity photography-13Dublin sunset maternity photography-14Dublin sunset maternity photography-15Dublin sunset maternity photography-16Dublin sunset maternity photography-17Dublin sunset maternity photography-18Dublin sunset maternity photography-19Dublin sunset maternity photography-20

Dublin Senior Photography

Ryley | Senior session | Dublin, Ohio  

I got to work with this family a few years ago when Ryley’s older brother was a senior and was happy mom came back for round two! Ryley’s session was a mix of casual and dressy, sun and clouds, with lots of smiles & chatting about all things senior year. Here are a few favorites from her session…

Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-5Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-3Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-6Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-7Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-8Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-9Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-10Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-11Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-12Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-14Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-15Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-16Senior Photography Dublin Ohio-17

Dublin Newborn Photography

Daley Family | In-home stylized+lifestyle newborn session  

Another photographer friend referred this family to me and what a blessing they were! Mom, Dad and all three kids were so sweet & friendly and their home was a beautiful backdrop to capture their lifestyle moments. They also added on some stylized poses and the new Daley addition slept a bit and woke a bit… she didn’t want to miss out on the family fun! Here are some favorites from my morning with this lovely crew:

Dublin Newborn Photography-1Dublin Newborn Photography-2Dublin Newborn Photography-4Dublin Newborn Photography-30Dublin Newborn Photography-5Dublin Newborn Photography-6Dublin Newborn Photography-7Dublin Newborn Photography-8Dublin Newborn Photography-9Dublin Newborn Photography-10Dublin Newborn Photography-11Dublin Newborn Photography-12Dublin Newborn Photography-13Dublin Newborn Photography-14Dublin Newborn Photography-15Dublin Newborn Photography-16Dublin Newborn Photography-17Dublin Newborn Photography-18Dublin Newborn Photography-19Dublin Newborn Photography-20Dublin Newborn Photography-21Dublin Newborn Photography-22Dublin Newborn Photography-23Dublin Newborn Photography-24Dublin Newborn Photography-25Dublin Newborn Photography-26Dublin Newborn Photography-27Dublin Newborn Photography-28Dublin Newborn Photography-29


Dublin Newborn Photography

Kasper Family | In-home newborn lifestyle session  

Watching these two become parents has been amazing. We have been friends forever, and now that they have a little one as well, we can talk about all things baby… sleepless nights, fussy tricks, cuddling, baby-wearing, jogging strollers, nursing, pumping… on and on! Baby Will was precious and snuggly during our session and although they chose the lifestyle option, we still got a few sleepy baby-in-a-basket shots as well. Isn’t he adorable!? Congrats mom & dad, you did well! 🙂

Dublin newborn Photography-1Dublin newborn Photography-2Dublin newborn Photography-3Dublin newborn Photography-4Dublin newborn Photography-5Dublin newborn Photography-6Dublin newborn Photography-7Dublin newborn Photography-8Dublin newborn Photography-9Dublin newborn Photography-10Dublin newborn Photography-11

Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday & Cake Smash Photography | Dublin, Ohio

I was excited when this family contacted us again as I really enjoyed working with them last fall during their sunset session. This time they wanted to document their youngest boy’s first birthday and decided upon the Sweet & Simple Cake Smash session. We played a bit, got in some family photos and then let the little guy dig into his smash cake! Although he wasn’t overly interested in eating cake, he did enjoy playing with it and his big sisters were happy to be the clean up crew! Hoping to see them time and time again. Here are some favorites from their birthday session…

Dublin Cake Smash Photography-1Dublin Cake Smash Photography-2Dublin Cake Smash Photography-3Dublin Cake Smash Photography-4Dublin Cake Smash Photography-5Dublin Cake Smash Photography-6Dublin Cake Smash Photography-7Dublin Cake Smash Photography-8Dublin Cake Smash Photography-15Dublin Cake Smash Photography-9Dublin Cake Smash Photography-10Dublin Cake Smash Photography-11Dublin Cake Smash Photography-12Dublin Cake Smash Photography-13Dublin Cake Smash Photography-14

Dublin Family Photography

Family Photography Session | Dublin, Ohio

This momma and I have grown close over the last few years through running, fitness and more and I love photographing their family! We met at one of my favorite parks and had a fun morning filled with smiles & laughter. Their session included extended family so the gallery was pretty big and hard to narrow down, but here are some favorites!

Dublin Family Photography -1Dublin Family Photography -2Dublin Family Photography -3Dublin Family Photography -4Dublin Family Photography -5Dublin Family Photography -6Dublin Family Photography -7Dublin Family Photography -8Dublin Family Photography -9Dublin Family Photography -10Dublin Family Photography -11Dublin Family Photography -12Dublin Family Photography -13Dublin Family Photography -14Dublin Family Photography -15Dublin Family Photography -16