Upper Arlington Newborn Photography

Lifestyle newborn session | Upper Arlington, Ohio

Oh em gee! This is the type of session dreams are made of. Baby Grace came to me through a mutual friend and I was ecstatic to work with this sweet family! They were warm & welcoming, the house was a gorgeous backdrop with neutral colors and dreamy natural light, baby Grace was the perfect balance of sleepy & awake (my favorite for lifestyle sessions) while big brother, although a tad camera shy, gave me some perfect smiles & expressions. And did I mention how cute they are?! Momma and I had fun hanging out and chatting about all things baby, decorating and our love for Cuddle+Kind dolls. Grace was a few weeks old and was awake for a while, but fell asleep at the perfect moment and we were able to end with a wrapped shot. I’m excited to see them again for some milestone sessions and hope we can get outside for some family photos as this crazy Ohio winter turns to spring!

Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-1Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-2Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-4Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-3Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-27Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-25Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-24Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-23Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-22Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-20Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-19Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-18Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-17Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-16Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-15Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-14Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-13Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-12Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-11Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-10Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-9Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-8Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-7Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-6Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-5Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-32Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-31Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-30Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-29Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-28

Dublin First Birthday + Cake Smash Photography

Sweet & simple first birthday + cake smash session | Dublin, Ohio

Baby T came to us ready for his first birthday session, full of smiles & energy! We started with some portraits, then got down to business with his tiered cake, made with love by Our CupCakery. He wasn’t sure about the cake – both mom & dad had to jump in to encourage him at one point – but we still captured some fun moments and lots of laughter. Enjoy some favorites from our session!

First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -1First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -3First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -4First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -5First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -6First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -7First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -8First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -9First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -11First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -12First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -13First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -14First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -15First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -16First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -17First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -18First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -19First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -20

Upper Arlington Newborn Photography

Lifestyle + stylized newborn session | Upper Arlington, Ohio

Although we got together just after Christmas (hence their adorable cream colored stockings!) I am finally getting around to sharing this cute little family’s session. Baby Ellie started out wide awake and after some coaxing, was finally fast asleep. We got some pictures of her alone for her stylized portion, then moved onto the cuddly family shots in their lifestyle portion. It is such a joy & honor to document a new family interacting with each other, often in their first home… snuggling their first baby. Their hearts from this day on, will continue to grow and expand with love and life will never be the same. <3

Upper Arlington newborn photography-1Upper Arlington newborn photography-2Upper Arlington newborn photography-3Upper Arlington newborn photography-4Upper Arlington newborn photography-5Upper Arlington newborn photography-6Upper Arlington newborn photography-7Upper Arlington newborn photography-8Upper Arlington newborn photography-9Upper Arlington newborn photography-10Upper Arlington newborn photography-11Upper Arlington newborn photography-12Upper Arlington newborn photography-13Upper Arlington newborn photography-14Upper Arlington newborn photography-15Upper Arlington newborn photography-16Upper Arlington newborn photography-17Upper Arlington newborn photography-18

Dublin Maternity + Newborn Photography

Sunset maternity + lifestyle & stylized newborn session | Dublin, Ohio

Words cannot express how happy I am for this adorable growing family! Leah and I have been friends for as long as I can remember and we were lucky enough to photograph her & Jason’s wedding one gorgeous fall evening a few years ago. I held my breath and hoped & prayed a little one would come along soon…. and I got my wish! Well, their wish, but mine too! 🙂

Leah & Jason’s maternity session was this past fall and I saved some favorites to blog when their little girl arrived. More recently, I got to spend the morning with them… while snuggling baby Quinn! They are going to be amazing parents and I can’t wait to watch them continue to grow in love!

Dublin sunset maternity photography-1Dublin sunset maternity photography-2Dublin sunset maternity photography-3Dublin sunset maternity photography-4Dublin sunset maternity photography-5Dublin sunset maternity photography-6Dublin sunset maternity photography-7Dublin sunset maternity photography-8

newborn photography dublin ohio -1newborn photography dublin ohio -2newborn photography dublin ohio -3newborn photography dublin ohio -4newborn photography dublin ohio -5newborn photography dublin ohio -6newborn photography dublin ohio -7newborn photography dublin ohio -8newborn photography dublin ohio -9newborn photography dublin ohio -10newborn photography dublin ohio -11newborn photography dublin ohio -12newborn photography dublin ohio -13newborn photography dublin ohio -14newborn photography dublin ohio -15newborn photography dublin ohio -16newborn photography dublin ohio -17newborn photography dublin ohio -18newborn photography dublin ohio -19

Dublin Newborn Photography

In-home Stylized + Lifestyle Newborn Session | Dublin, Ohio

Although I’ve only met this momma a few times, I felt like family in their cozy home, cuddling their newest family member on a brisk winter morning. The nursery was grey & green with a cactus theme and adorable personal touches. The entire family, GoldenDoodle including, was game for a lifestyle portion prior to baby Leo’s sleepy, stylized session. Leo slept and slept until the last few minutes, making for a perfect way to end his session as we caught a peek of his little eyes. I hope they are in love with their gallery as much as they are in love with their new little guy! Here are some favorites… 

Dublin ohio newborn photography-1Dublin ohio newborn photography-2Dublin ohio newborn photography-3Dublin ohio newborn photography-4Dublin ohio newborn photography-5Dublin ohio newborn photography-6Dublin ohio newborn photography-7Dublin ohio newborn photography-8Dublin ohio newborn photography-9Dublin ohio newborn photography-10Dublin ohio newborn photography-11Dublin ohio newborn photography-12Dublin ohio newborn photography-13Dublin ohio newborn photography-14Dublin ohio newborn photography-16Dublin ohio newborn photography-17Dublin ohio newborn photography-18Dublin ohio newborn photography-19Dublin ohio newborn photography-20

Dublin holiday “sitter” session

Christmas/Holiday Sitter Session | Dublin, Ohio

Being Christmas Eve Eve, this will likely be our last post for a few days, so we wanted to close out the holiday season with one of our cutest little clients! Baby Will couldn’t be any more adorable and his sitter session was full of smiles, some ‘classic’ shots and of course, some holiday cheer. We know his family will enjoy celebrating Will’s first Christmas this year and sharing all his smiles with loved ones. Merry Christmas to the Kaspers and to all our amazing clients!!

Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-1Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-2Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-3Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-4Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-5Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-6Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-7Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-8Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-9Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-10Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-11Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-12Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-13

Dublin Newborn Photography

Stylized newborn + lifestyle newborn session | Dublin, Ohio

We were lucky enough to do two sessions with this little guy and his fun family! First they came to our (temporary) in-home space to get some sleepy, cozy baby shots. Along with some cuddles & a few cat naps, we captured this perfectly handsome baby boy in all his cuteness. Then a couple weeks later, we met up again, this time in their home, and got to see the gorgeous nursery, some festive Christmas decorations and the rest of the sibling crew! We are always thankful that growing families share these early moments with us. Check out some of our favorites of “baby W!”

Stylized newborn session…

Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-1Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-2Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-3Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-4Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-5Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-6Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-7Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-8Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-9Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-10Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-11Dublin Ohio Newborn Photography-12

Lifestyle newborn session…

Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-1Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-2Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-3Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-4Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-5Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-6Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-7Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-8Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-9Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-10Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-11Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-12Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-13Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-14Dublin Ohio Lifestyle Newborn-15



Dublin lifestyle photography

In-home lifestyle session | Dublin, Ohio

When you work with “clients” long enough… they start to feel more like friends. This gorgeous family has been coming to us for a few years now and they get cuter & sweeter every time I see them! We laughed, played outside, read books, chatted it up and had a fun morning just hanging out at their home. I know they value these fleeting moments… sisters playing patty-cake and baby’s squeals of joy as she swings for the first time… and now they have images to cherish the memories forever. Here are some favorites!

Dublin Lifestyle Photography-1Dublin Lifestyle Photography-2Dublin Lifestyle Photography-3Dublin Lifestyle Photography-4Dublin Lifestyle Photography-5Dublin Lifestyle Photography-6Dublin Lifestyle Photography-7Dublin Lifestyle Photography-8Dublin Lifestyle Photography-9Dublin Lifestyle Photography-10Dublin Lifestyle Photography-11Dublin Lifestyle Photography-12Dublin Lifestyle Photography-13Dublin Lifestyle Photography-14Dublin Lifestyle Photography-15Dublin Lifestyle Photography-16Dublin Lifestyle Photography-17Dublin Lifestyle Photography-18Dublin Lifestyle Photography-19Dublin Lifestyle Photography-20Dublin Lifestyle Photography-21

Dublin Holiday & Winter Photography

LBP Families | Holiday, Christmas & Winter Sessions | Dublin, Ohio

Our clients know how to have fun! We’ve had so many cute sessions over the last couple weeks – some indoor, some out – showing off the special & sometimes silly sides of the holiday season! Here are some favorites…

At the tree farm… 

Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 8Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 9Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 10


At our winter minis… Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio-4Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio -2Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio -1


In our in-home “studio” space…Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 11Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 12Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 14Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 15Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio -5


In client homes… Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 6Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 7


And lastly, the Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation throwback… Holiday Photography Dublin Ohio - 13

As we wrap up our sessions for 2018, we are reminded how thankful we are to have amazing clients and although it doesn’t feel like “work,” – how blessed we are to have a job we love. We are almost done “shooting” sessions for this year… onto 2019!

Dublin Senior Photography

Ryley | Dublin Coffman Senior | Dublin, Ohio

The best part of this photography business is getting to know amazing people. I first met mom, Stacie, at her oldest son’s senior photo session a few years ago. Thankfully, she came back for round two with her daughter, Ryley, and I got to work with them twice this year… earlier on her summer session and more recently, her fall session. Ryley is SUCH a beautiful and sweet girl, she made me fall in love with senior sessions all over again. Here are some favorites from our evening together.

Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-1Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-2Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-4Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-5Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-6Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-3Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-7Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-8Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-9Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-10Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-11Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-12Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-13Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-14Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-15Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-16Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-17Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-18Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-19Senior Photography Dublin Ohio Fall-20