Plain City Wedding Photography

Andrew & Kate | Anspaugh Family Farm | Plain City, Ohio

There’s not much that I love more than a backyard wedding. Add in a family that makes you feel like you’ve known them your whole lives, a couple that just wants to have fun, and a field full of cows, and you’ve just given me my dream wedding. Kate & Andrew are the perfect couple in every sense, and you could see their love for each other. We wish them the happiest life imaginable, and hope you continue dancing in fields at sunset for the rest of your lives.

Andrew&Katie Sneak PeekAndrew&Katie Sneak Peek-2Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-3Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-4Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-8Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-5Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-6Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-7Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-9Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-10Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-11Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-12Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-13Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-14Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-15Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-16Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-17Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-18Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-19Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-20Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-21Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-22Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-23Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-24Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-25Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-26Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-27Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-28Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-29


Dublin Family Photography

Hersland Family | Sunset Family Session | Dublin, Ohio

We have been working with “miss Natalie” and her family since LBP started. We love seeing them each year, smiling and laughing our session away. Little Alex is a bit harder to chase around, but we do our best to capture his natural energy and big personality! Love how this session turned out and can’t wait to see them for years to come!

Dublin sunset mini session-1Dublin sunset mini session-2Dublin sunset mini session-3Dublin sunset mini session-4Dublin sunset mini session-5Dublin sunset mini session-6Dublin sunset mini session-7Dublin sunset mini session-8Dublin sunset mini session-9Dublin sunset mini session-10Dublin sunset mini session-11Dublin sunset mini session-12Dublin sunset mini session-13Dublin sunset mini session-14Dublin sunset mini session-15Dublin sunset mini session-16

Columbus Wedding Photography

Kirstie + Jesse | VUE Columbus | Columbus, Ohio

Weddings are always a good time, especially when you’re friends with the bride!  Kirstie & Jesse tied the knot at Vue Columbus, an urban yet modern & gorgeous event space downtown.  They were surrounded by family and friends, married by Kirstie’s “second dad” in a ceremony with personal vows and perfectly planned details.  Their day was filled with laughter, heart-felt speeches and lots of beautiful memories.

We were thankful to be a part of the start of their story.  We wish you many years of love & happiness Kirstie & Jesse!  Meet the Mr & Mrs…

Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-2Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-2BColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-3Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-4Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-5Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-1Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-6Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-7Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-8Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-9Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-9bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-10Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-11Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-12Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-12bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-13Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-14Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-15Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-16Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17aColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17cColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-18Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-19Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-19bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-20Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-20bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-21Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-22Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-23Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-24Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-25Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-25bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-26Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-27Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-28Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-29Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-30Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-31Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-32Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-33

Columbus Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This family welcomed a new little boy to their home & hearts a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to come meet them for a lifestyle session. Sometimes you get really lucky and your lifestyle session clients are not only fun & sweet, but they have the most beautiful home!  Everything was natural and white, providing the most gorgeous well-lit backdrop for a photography session.  The nursery was perfectly planned down to every last detail and their baby boy fit right in.  With tons of hair and even more personality, this little guy really worked the camera! We took a few breaks for some feedings, some snuggles and of course, lots of laughs. Meet one of our youngest clients…

Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-2Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-3Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-4Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-5Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-6Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-7Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-8Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-9Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-25Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-11Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-12Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-26Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-14Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-15Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-16Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-17Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-1Upper Arlington Newborn Photography-18

Olentangy / Columbus Senior Photography

Milana | Olentangy Orange Senior | Columbus, Ohio

I’ve known Milana for a few years now and was ECSTATIC when she emailed me this past summer to do her senior pictures! She is the kind of girl any photographer would die to work with… gorgeous, comfortable in front of the camera, and uber fashionable and stylish. Bonus that she is one of the sweetest seniors I know!

We started at Schiller Park in German Village, then headed to the Scioto Mile to finish up at sunset, giving us both a park and a more urban setting. We laughed and chatted and laughed some more, making her two hour “All Out” senior session fly by.  It was fun to spend the evening with her – and her family who tagged along – before the hustle and bustle of her senior year set it.

Look out world!  This amazing, smart, classy, stunning senior is coming for you!

Dublin Senior Photography-3Dublin Senior Photography-2Dublin Senior Photography-4Dublin Senior Photography-5Dublin Senior Photography-6Dublin Senior Photography-7Dublin Senior Photography-9Dublin Senior Photography-10Dublin Senior Photography-11Dublin Senior Photography-12Dublin Senior Photography-13Dublin Senior Photography-14Dublin Senior Photography-15Dublin Senior Photography-16Dublin Senior Photography-17Dublin Senior Photography-18Dublin Senior Photography-20Dublin Senior Photography-21Dublin Senior Photography-22Dublin Senior Photography-24Dublin Senior Photography-26Dublin Senior Photography-27Dublin Senior Photography-28Dublin Senior Photography-29Dublin Senior Photography-30Dublin Senior Photography-31Dublin Senior Photography-32Dublin Senior Photography-33Dublin Senior Photography-34Dublin Senior Photography-35Dublin Senior Photography-36Dublin Senior Photography-37

Dublin Newborn Photography

Baby Clay | Stylized Newborn Session | LeenaBee Studio, Dublin, Ohio

These are the newborn sessions that my heart yearns for. The ones where I’m left thinking “I can’t believe this is my job. I couldn’t be any luckier.” 

Baby Clay slept soundly for two solid hours as I snuggled him, wrapped him, moved him from set to set, and snuggled him some more. The unpredictable Ohio clouds parted for just a few hours and I didn’t have to turn my studio light on once – we much prefer to use natural & window light when possible, providing those soft shadows and pure ambiance. Momma watched as we chatted, while dad relaxed in the other room of our studio, taking a much needed and well deserved rest. There were no tears, no potty accidents and no hiccups.

Just a perfect, tiny little miracle.

Welcome to the world Clayton. You are loved more than you know!

Dublin Newborn Photography-1Dublin Newborn Photography-2Dublin Newborn Photography-3Dublin Newborn Photography-4Dublin Newborn Photography-5Dublin Newborn Photography-6Dublin Newborn Photography-7Dublin Newborn Photography-8Dublin Newborn Photography-9Dublin Newborn Photography-10

Dublin Senior Photography

Hannah | Dublin Jerome Senior | Dublin, Ohio

I was fortunate enough to work with Hannah last week to document the beginning of her senior year! As a photographer, I started off shooting mostly babies and weddings, but I have grown to love working on senior sessions over the last year and a half. Teenagers know their style. They have their own ideas to contribute.  And bedtime isn’t until after the sun sets, unlike many of our one year old clients!

Hannah’s first session was on a cloudy, overcast day.  We had fun walking and talking about her dreams and plans beyond high school.  We got lots of beautiful, evenly-lit shots and a wide variety of looks between her two outfits.  Although we could have stopped there, I was craving the warmth of a backlit sunset session, so we met for a quick 20 minutes a few nights later, right as the sun was going down. Both sessions turned out perfect and I’m so excited for her to share her gallery with her family and friends.

Dublin senior photography-1Dublin senior photography-2Dublin senior photography-3Dublin senior photography-4Dublin senior photography-5Dublin senior photography-6Dublin senior photography-7Dublin senior photography-8Dublin senior photography-9Dublin senior photography-10Dublin senior photography-11Dublin senior photography-12Dublin senior photography-13Dublin senior photography-14Dublin senior photography-15Dublin senior photography-16Dublin senior photography-17Dublin senior photography-18Dublin senior photography-19Dublin senior photography-20


Dublin Newborn Photography

Fazzio Family | Newborn Stylized + Lifestyle Session | Dublin, Ohio

Baby Tessa made this party of four a party of five!  Daddy may have his hands full with a house full of girls, but that just means more cuddles & more pretty little dresses. 🙂 Momma & Tessa came to the studio for some sleepy baby shots, then we headed back to the Fazzio headquarters for our favorite part… the lifestyle in-home session. Big sisters Maya & Bryn gave lots of love and made for an eventful session. Meet Tessa!

Fazzio newborn-1Fazzio newborn-2Fazzio newborn b-3Fazzio newborn-4Fazzio newborn-5Fazzio newborn-6Fazzio newborn-7Fazzio newborn-8Fazzio newborn-9Fazzio newborn-10Fazzio newborn-11Fazzio newborn-12Fazzio newborn-13Fazzio newborn-14Fazzio newborn-15Fazzio newborn-16Fazzio newborn-17Fazzio newborn-18Fazzio newborn-19Fazzio newborn-20Fazzio newborn-21Fazzio newborn-22Fazzio newborn-23Fazzio newborn-24Fazzio newborn-25

Hilliard / Columbus Wedding Photography

NIKKI + MICHAEL  // WATERS EDGE, HILLIARD, OHIO Nikki and Michael could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day.  The weather was amazing (hello sunset!), their wedding party was amazing, and all of the little details came together … Continue reading