Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday “Smash & Splash” | Karrer Barn & LeenaBee Studio | Dublin, Ohio

This momma is a dear friend of mine and I’m so blessed she trusts me with her little ones.  We went to grad school together, have been co-workers for years and now she brings her adorable kids to come play with me!  Baby Grayson did the My First Year milestone package, so we got to visit several times throughout his first year, ending with his recent cake smash & splash session.  We started outside for some family photos, went to the studio to do his cake smash, then headed back out to do a splash session to get him cleaned up!  He was all smiles and we had a blast!

Grayson one year-1Grayson one year-2Grayson one year-3Grayson one year-4Grayson one year-5Grayson one year-6Grayson one year-7Grayson one year-8Grayson one year-9Grayson one year-10Grayson one year-11Grayson one year-12Grayson one year-13Grayson one year-14Grayson one year-15Grayson one year-16Grayson one year-17Grayson one year-18Grayson one year-19Grayson one year-20Grayson one year-21Grayson one year-22Grayson one year-23Grayson one year-24Grayson one year-25Grayson one year-26Grayson one year-27Grayson one year-28Grayson one year-29Grayson one year-30Grayson one year-31

Also, just for memory’s sake… take a look at his year inside the bucket!  We used the same silver bucket prop at his newborn, 6 month and one year session (by then he was too big to fit into it!)  Look how he changed!

Dublin newborn-18Dublin newborn-19Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.18.32 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.18.44 PMGrayson one year-17

Dublin Newborn Photography

In-home newborn session | Dublin, Ohio

We usually do “stylized” sessions in studio now, but sometimes momma just really wants us to come to her.  Little Isabella did a combination stylized+lifestyle session and was a perfect angel!  At three weeks old, she slept soundly through the first part of her session. She woke just at the end, creating candid moments of gazes at mom & lots of cuddles.  Here are a few favorites from her baby model photo shoot!

Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-1Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-2Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-3Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-5Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-6Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-7Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-8Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-10Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-11Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-13

Dublin Sunset Maternity Session

Maternity Session | Red Trabue Nature Preserve | Dublin, Ohio

We always get excited when we have new clients that came from out of town, as we love Columbus and sharing our knowledge of this city!  And we feel honored that in the pool of talented Cbus photographers, they chose us to document these special moments in their lives.  🙂 The weather was perfect for our sunset maternity session and we chatted about Ohio, Texas and “life as we know it” before and after baby.  These two are ready to be a family of three and we look forward to meeting their soon-to-be new addition.

Dublin sunset maternity session-1Dublin sunset maternity session-2Dublin sunset maternity session-3Dublin sunset maternity session-4Dublin sunset maternity session-5Dublin sunset maternity session-6Dublin sunset maternity session-7Dublin sunset maternity session-8Dublin sunset maternity session-9Dublin sunset maternity session-10Dublin sunset maternity session-11Dublin sunset maternity session-12

Dublin First Birthday Photography

First Birthday Session | Historic Dublin & LBP Studio | Dublin, Ohio

Baby Avery has been visiting us since she was just a few days old and last week, she came to smash her cake!  “My First Year Milestone” sessions are close to our heart… we love seeing mom & dad throughout the year, and love getting to know the little ones as they are growing up, literally right in front of our camera!  Meet beautiful baby Avery…

Dublin one year cake smash photography-1Dublin one year cake smash photography-2Dublin one year cake smash photography-3Dublin one year cake smash photography-4Dublin one year cake smash photography-5Dublin one year cake smash photography-6Dublin one year cake smash photography-7Dublin one year cake smash photography-8Dublin one year cake smash photography-9Dublin one year cake smash photography-10Dublin one year cake smash photography-11Dublin one year cake smash photography-12Dublin one year cake smash photography-13Dublin one year cake smash photography-14Dublin one year cake smash photography-15Dublin one year cake smash photography-16


Dublin Six Month Milestone Photography

Six Month Milestone Photography | Indian Run Falls | Dublin, Ohio

We’ve loved watching little Sawyer grow big & strong like his daddy!  We met momma & dada at one of our favorite local spots and had a fun morning with Sawyer, giggles and all.  We say it every milestone session, but man… time does fly!

Dublin 6 month photography milestone-1Dublin 6 month photography milestone-2Dublin 6 month photography milestone-3Dublin 6 month photography milestone-4Dublin 6 month photography milestone-5Dublin 6 month photography milestone-6Dublin 6 month photography milestone-7Dublin 6 month photography milestone-8Dublin 6 month photography milestone-9Dublin 6 month photography milestone-10Dublin 6 month photography milestone-11Dublin 6 month photography milestone-12

Ellie turns 1!

First Birthday Cake Smash Session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

It is so much fun watching our littlest clients grow up! I can hardly believe that it has already been a year since Ellie’s newborn session with us. She has always been the perfect little model for us, and her cake smash was no exception! Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!


Dublin One Year/First Birthday Photography

Tu Family | Little Ones First Birthday Session | LeenaBee Studio

The Tu family first came to us last holiday season… mom, dad and four littles!  Momma stays busy with her crew and managed to sneak beautiful little Rilyn into the studio for some one-on-one time for her first birthday session.  We did the Little Ones session without a cake and even though smashes are my favorite, sometimes the simplicity of a regular session is just perfect.  We had enough time to do several outfit changes and captured her laughing, clapping, climbing and even a few pouting.  Meet Rilyn!

Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-1Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-2Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-3Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-4Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-5Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-6Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-7Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-8Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-9Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-10Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-11Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-12Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-13Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-14Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-15

Dublin maternity/family photography

Fazzio Family | Maternity & Family Session | Indian Run Falls, Dublin 

We’ve been photographing this family since they were a party of three… and now they are about to be a party of five!  Momma requested more of a “family” session than a maternity session, but I still managed to quietly sneak in some belly pics. 🙂  I had a fun evening chasing around these gorgeous littles and am super excited to meet their newest addition this summer!

Dublin maternity family session-1Dublin maternity family session-2Dublin maternity family session-3Dublin maternity family session-4Dublin maternity family session-5Dublin maternity family session-6Dublin maternity family session-7Dublin maternity family session-8Dublin maternity family session-9Dublin maternity family session-10Dublin maternity family session-11Dublin maternity family session-12Dublin maternity family session-13Dublin maternity family session-14Dublin maternity family session-15Dublin maternity family session-16Dublin maternity family session-17


Dublin newborn photography

Baby Scarlett | Dublin newborn photography | LeenaBee Studio, Dublin

Every now and then, we get a dream baby visiting us.  She slept soundly.  She had perfect skin.  She didn’t potty during the bum shots.  She was just a perfect little sleeping beauty! Scarlett’s session was a mix of studio light and natural light, giving us a variety of looks for her parents to cherish.  Meet this precious baby!

Scarlettnewborn-1Scarlettnewborn-3Scarlettnewborn-6Scarlettnewborn-10Scarlettnewborn-16dublin newborn photography-1dublin newborn photography-2Scarlettnewborn-17Scarlettnewborn-18Scarlettnewborn-21Scarlettnewborn-24Scarlettnewborn-25Scarlettnewborn-26Scarlettnewborn-28Scarlettnewborn-32dublin newborn photography-3Scarlettnewborn-39

Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography

Ashlee & Justin  // Jorgensen Farms // Westerville, Ohio

Despite the cold and wind, what a beautiful and fun wedding this was! You could feel the love between Ashlee and Justin from the moment you met them. Their wedding was full of personal touches which added to the magic of the day. My personal favorite part? Food trucks for dinner. AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-3AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-12AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-25AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-39AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-49AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-52AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-17AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-22AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-24AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-28AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-33AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-40AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-64AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-72AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-78AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-8AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-26AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-31AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-47AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-60AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-64AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-72AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-80AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-110AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-122AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-129AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-22AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-24AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-41AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-42AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-65AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-66AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-67AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-71AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-85AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-90