Teens // Seniors

We have worked with youth our entire lives, from infants to high school seniors and now get to capture it all on camera!  Teenagers have usually come into their own, they know their style and we like that.  Read our previous post, Tips for an Awesome Senior Photo Shoot!

LBP offers lifestyle teenage and senior portrait sessions to clients in and around Columbus including Dublin, Plain City, Powell, Worthington, Lewis Center, Short North, Upper Arlington and Hilliard.

Check out some of our sessions below…

Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-29Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-33Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-32Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-21Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-30Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-16Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-34Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-24Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-12Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-11Columbus Senior 1Columbus Senior 2Columbus Senior 4Columbus Senior 3Turnbulls blog-8Fall2014-5Fall2014-18Fall2014-41Fall2014-73Gelila-19Gelila-3Nina-7Nina-13Dublin Senior 2015Dublin Senior 2015Dublin Senior 2015Teens 4leah-senior-16leah-senior-12leah-senior-10leah-senior-7leah-senior-5leah-senior-4lbp-senior-4lbp-senior-3lbp-senior-2katie-seniorLBP seniors 2LBP seniormary-senior 2mary-seniorIan 4Ian 6Ian 3Ian 10Sally (1 of 9) (8 of 9)Dublin Senior 17Dublin Senior 18Dublin Senior 19Dublin Senior 20Dublin Senior 21Dublin Senior 6Dublin Senior 5Dublin Senior 9Dublin Senior 7Dublin Senior 8Short North Senior 14Short North Senior 13Short North Seniors 12Short North Senior 11Short North Senior 10Dublin Senior 16Dublin Senior 15

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