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I’m Teresa.

Wife. Momma. Photographer. Teacher. Runner. Blogger.  Chocoholic.  I have a ton of other interests, but those are the ones that describe me in a nutshell.

I have always loved pictures.  My first camera was a pink 110 that I got for my birthday somewhere around 5th grade.  We had an instant Polaroid at home which my friends LOVED and soon after I got a 35 mm film camera.  Remember when you had to wait weeks before you could see what your pictures turned out like?!  Eventually the digital age was upon us and I got my first DSLR in 2010.  I’ve never looked back!

Some of my favorite things include…

  • Family & friendships ~ its the people that matter! I surround myself with an amazing support group of humans… my favorites including my two littles, JP & Maddie Jane!
  • Fitness ~ Founder of LivingFitColumbus.com ~ come run with us!
  • Photography ~ hopefully you guessed this one 🙂
  • Faith ~ important to my family & want to be a good example for our kids
  • For the Home ~ Organizing, list-making, decorating, DIY & Pinterest projects
  • Business & Marketing ~ Blogging, writing, social media; I’m also a high school business teacher!
  • Traveling ~ love seeing the world & capture it all on camera

Gellenbeck Fall 2017-13Gellenbeck Fall 2017-3Gellenbeck Fall 2017-9

 As a photographer… 

  • [In my bag] I’m a Nikon girl and I love to shoot wide open.  For a long time my favorite lens was my 35 mm, f/1.8, but once I purchased the 50 mm, f/1.4 I fell in love!  I shot for my first three years with a Nikon D3000 [don’t ever let anyone tell you a starter camera can’t provide good images!] and then upgraded to the Nikon D610 in May of 2014. We also have a 24-70 f/2.8 and a 70-200 f/2.8 ~ although I prefer a sharp prime lens, the versatility of zoom lenses is great.
  • [My look]  When I first started this journey, I loved very bold, vibrant, high contrast photos.  Both our wedding photographer and the company I interned with used this technique and I loved it (still do!) As I’ve evolved and come into a style of my own, my look tends to be more soft, natural & organic. I love a creamy, matte finish. I love the artistic side of photography, framing an image in a unique way. I also prefer lifestyle photography – capturing your family as they are, interacting, laughing, as if I am not there. We will still incorporate some traditional, ‘everyone smile and say cheese’ photos as well!
  • [Favorite time to shoot] If you’re willing to do your session at sunset, I promise it will be worth keeping the kids up late. The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset provide amazing, warm light that is like no other time of day.  Many refer to this as The Golden Hour or God’s Light ~ soft & gorgeous!
  • [Favorite type of shoot] We have dabbled into all types of photography over the years, but babies 0-12 months are definitely my favorite. Whether it be a lifestyle newborn session or a 1st birthday cake smash, I love working with little ones. They are so full of joy and grow so fast, its a blessing to be a part of.  Family lifestyle sessions (especially at sunset!) are also amazing. What do you like to do as a family?  Let’s do that. I’ll bring the camera.
  • [Post-processing] Although I’d like to say I hand over my images to clients SOOC,  like many photographers, I do a lot of editing. I primarily use Adobe Lightroom for my workflow, with some final touches & actions achieved in Photoshop. Hands down, my favorite actions are Sarah [Hill] Beth’s ~ matte all the way!

Below is a look at some of my favorite photos, to give you an idea of my style…


Our babies… Joseph Parker & Madelyn Jane

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.23.40 PM


Thanks for visiting!  

I look forward to meeting you and capturing some memories for your family or at your next event!

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  1. I was referred to you by David Li and am interested in family photos/portraits. What packages do you offer? Do you have any specially priced package at this time? Please contact me by phone or email. 614.530.3039. Thank you.

  2. Hi Teresa. I was referred to you by Susie Drerup. We loved the senior photos you shot of her son Max. My son is graduating from Liberty HS this year and I am interested in having you shoot his senior photos. We would love to do something later this month if possible. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. My # is 614-582-0424. Thank you.

  3. Hi Teresa!! Love your photos!! Looking to have a session with my daughter. Let me know if you’re available.


    Jenny voll

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