Columbus Wedding Photography

Kirstie + Jesse | VUE Columbus | Columbus, Ohio

Weddings are always a good time, especially when you’re friends with the bride!  Kirstie & Jesse tied the knot at Vue Columbus, an urban yet modern & gorgeous event space downtown.  They were surrounded by family and friends, married by Kirstie’s “second dad” in a ceremony with personal vows and perfectly planned details.  Their day was filled with laughter, heart-felt speeches and lots of beautiful memories.

We were thankful to be a part of the start of their story.  We wish you many years of love & happiness Kirstie & Jesse!  Meet the Mr & Mrs…

Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-2Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-2BColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-3Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-4Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-5Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-1Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-6Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-7Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-8Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-9Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-9bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-10Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-11Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-12Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-12bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-13Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-14Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-15Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-16Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17aColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-17cColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-18Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-19Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-19bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-20Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-20bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-21Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-22Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-23Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-24Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-25Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-25bColumbus Ohio Wedding VUE-26Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-27Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-28Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-29Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-30Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-31Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-32Columbus Ohio Wedding VUE-33

Hilliard / Columbus Wedding Photography

NIKKI + MICHAEL  // WATERS EDGE, HILLIARD, OHIO Nikki and Michael could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day.  The weather was amazing (hello sunset!), their wedding party was amazing, and all of the little details came together … Continue reading

Upper Arlington / Columbus Wedding Photography

Kristin + Scott  // St Andrew Church, Upper Arlington, Ohio // VUE, Columbus, Ohio

This was one of our favorite weddings ever!  Maybe it was because of the fun-loving couple and bridal party.  Maybe it was because of the beautiful venue(s) and perfect weather.  Or maybe it was a combination of all the details, big & small!  Whatever the reasons, we had an amazing time shooting Kristin & Scott’s wedding day and are thankful they chose us to capture the memories.

The day started at St Andrew Church in Upper Arlington, a place we’ve come to know for the beautiful ambiance & stained glass windows.  The bride & groom did a “faux” first look and the bridal parties were fun & relaxed.

On the way to the venue, we stopped at the beautiful Schiller Park in German Village for some bridal party pictures.  We then headed to the VUE Columbus for a top-notch, wedding-white reception.  The details were perfect & the venue was GORGEOUS!  We hope to visit the VUE time and time again!  We loved working with this couple & wish Kristin & Scott the best version of “happily ever after!”

Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-1Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-2Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-3Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-4Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-5Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-10Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-11Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-12Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-13Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-14Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-15Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-16Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-17Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-18Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-19Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-20Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-21Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-22Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-23Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-24Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-25Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-25bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-26Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-27Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-27bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-28Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-29Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-30Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-31Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-31bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-32Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-33Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-34Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-35Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-36Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-36bDublin Columbus Wedding Photography-37Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-38Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-39Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-40Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-41Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-42Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-43Dublin Columbus Wedding Photography-44


Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography

Hannah & Cory  // The Boat House // Columbus, Ohio

These two know how to throw a party! While the ceremony was small & intimate, the reception was full of life… more guests on the dance floor then we’ve seen in a long time! The vows during the ceremony & the speeches during the reception brought tears and laughter to many. By the middle of the reception, held at The Boat House at Confluence Park, the bride “let her hair down” (literally!) and the dancing continued into the night. It was a fun event, enjoyed by all and we were thankful to be a part of it.

Sidenote:  Hiring a good DJ can truly enhance your reception/party! Hannah & Cory’s DJ (Sonus Entertainment) was one of the best we have worked with.  He was not only a super nice guy with a great playlist – he got EVERYONE out on the dance floor – but he also had a background in photography.  He “talked shop” with us a bit, and offered a unique perspective. He even waited until after the first dance to shine the neon strobe lights. 🙂  

Columbus Ohio Wedding-4Columbus Ohio Wedding-3Columbus Ohio Wedding-1Columbus Ohio Wedding-2Columbus Ohio Wedding-5Columbus Ohio Wedding-6Columbus Ohio Wedding-7Columbus Ohio Wedding-8Columbus Ohio Wedding-9Columbus Ohio Wedding-10Columbus Ohio Wedding-11Columbus Ohio Wedding-12Columbus Ohio Wedding-13Columbus Ohio Wedding-14Columbus Ohio Wedding-15Columbus Ohio Wedding-16Columbus Ohio Wedding-17Columbus Ohio Wedding-18Columbus Ohio Wedding-19Columbus Ohio Wedding-20Columbus Ohio Wedding-21Columbus Ohio Wedding-22Columbus Ohio Wedding-23Columbus Ohio Wedding-24Columbus Ohio Wedding-25Columbus Ohio Wedding-26Columbus Ohio Wedding-27Columbus Ohio Wedding-28Columbus Ohio Wedding-29Columbus Ohio Wedding-30Columbus Ohio Wedding-31Columbus Ohio Wedding-32Columbus Ohio Wedding-33Columbus Ohio Wedding-34Columbus Ohio Wedding-35Columbus Ohio Wedding-36Columbus Ohio Wedding-37Columbus Ohio Wedding-38Columbus Ohio Wedding-39

Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography

Ashlee & Justin  // Jorgensen Farms // Westerville, Ohio

Despite the cold and wind, what a beautiful and fun wedding this was! You could feel the love between Ashlee and Justin from the moment you met them. Their wedding was full of personal touches which added to the magic of the day. My personal favorite part? Food trucks for dinner. AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-3AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-12AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-25AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-39AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-49AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsGettingReady-52AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-17AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-22AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-24AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-28AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-33AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-40AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-64AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-72AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsCeremony-78AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-8AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-26AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-31AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-47AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-60AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-64AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-72AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-80AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-110AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-122AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsPortraits-129AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-22AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-24AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-41AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-42AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-65AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-66AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-67AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-71AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-85AbstenWeddingJorgensenFarmsReception-90

Columbus Wedding Photography

Reed + Kara // The Chapel at Worthington Woods + Little Bear Golf Club // Columbus & Lewis Center, Ohio

We love this couple’s love story. Both from central Ohio, they met putt-putting in Colorado. The rest is pretty much history, and the love they have for each other is unbelievable. It rained (that’s an understatement) the entire day, until it was time to go outside after the ceremony. The sky cleared for just enough time to allow us to get some amazing shots of them with their bridal party. It truly was an honor to be a part of this wedding, and we cannot wait to watch these two grow in their love!


Dublin Wedding Photography

Lauren + Brent // Muirfield Country Club // Dublin, Ohio

This day could not have been more perfect…except for the downpour of rain right when the ceremony was about to begin. Luckily, we had the most laid back bride and groom, and the ceremony time was pushed back just enough to give us the most gorgeous ceremony. We were outside of Muirfield Country Club, but an amazing alter was built just for them and we felt like we were capturing a mountain wedding!   You could tell how in love these two were just by looking at them, and we were so honored to be a part of Lauren & Brent’s special day.

Amazing vendors included… White of Dublin, Serendipity Occasions, Good Hooks Band, lots of local dessert shops & The Spa at River Ridge.  

brentlauren brentlauren-2dublin-wedding-photography-23 brentlauren-3 brentlauren-4 brentlauren-5 brentlauren-6 brentlauren-7 brentlauren-8dublin-wedding-photography-11 brentlauren-9 brentlauren-10 brentlauren-11 brentlauren-12dublin-wedding-photography-6 brentlauren-13brentlauren-15dublin-wedding-photography-4dublin-wedding-photography-2dublin-wedding-photography-1 brentlauren-14brentlauren-16 brentlauren-17brentlauren-18 brentlauren-19dublin-wedding-photography-9dublin-wedding-photography-8 brentlauren-20dublin-wedding-photography-13dublin-wedding-photography-12 brentlauren-21 brentlauren-22 brentlauren-23 brentlauren-24 brentlauren-25 brentlauren-26 brentlauren-27 brentlauren-28 brentlauren-29 brentlauren-30 brentlauren-31dublin-wedding-photography-15 brentlauren-32dublin-wedding-photography-16dublin-wedding-photography-25dublin-wedding-photography-26 brentlauren-33 brentlauren-34 brentlauren-35dublin-wedding-photography-28dublin-wedding-photography-27dublin-wedding-photography-24
dublin-wedding-photography-22dublin-wedding-photography-21dublin-wedding-photography-20 brentlauren-36dublin-wedding-photography-16

Westerville Wedding Photography

Megan + Brandon // Westerville Wedding // Jorgensen Farms

Oh goodness.

This wedding is what we dream of… rustic, personal, full of sunshine and love.  Megan & Brandon couldn’t stop snuggling & smiling, making our jobs so easy & fulfilling.  They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but we still got them together with a door between them so they could exchange some words and get in a quick hand squeeze {and a few tears!}.  The ceremony took place outside in the hydrangea garden at Jorgensen ~ one of our now favorite venues ~ followed by a chic rustic reception in the barn.  More to come on vendors, etc but for now, meet the new Mr & Mrs Hernandez!

HernandezJorgensenFarms-5New Albany wedding columbus-1HernandezJorgensenFarms-2HernandezJorgensenFarmsHernandezJorgensenFarms-3HernandezJorgensenFarms-4HernandezJorgensenFarms-7HernandezJorgensenFarms-6New Albany wedding columbus-4New Albany wedding columbus-5New Albany wedding columbus-6New Albany wedding columbus-7New Albany wedding columbus-8New Albany wedding columbus-9HernandezJorgensenFarms-8New Albany wedding columbus-10New Albany wedding columbus-11New Albany wedding columbus-45.jpgNew Albany wedding columbus-13New Albany wedding columbus-15HernandezJorgensenFarms-9New Albany wedding columbus-16New Albany wedding columbus-17New Albany wedding columbus-18New Albany wedding columbus-19New Albany wedding columbus-21New Albany wedding columbus-22HernandezJorgensenFarms-11New Albany wedding columbus-23New Albany wedding columbus-47New Albany wedding columbus-46New Albany wedding columbus-25New Albany wedding columbus-26New Albany wedding columbus-27New Albany wedding columbus-28New Albany wedding columbus-29New Albany wedding columbus-99New Albany wedding columbus-31New Albany wedding columbus-32New Albany wedding columbus-34HernandezJorgensenFarms-12New Albany wedding columbus-35HernandezJorgensenFarms-13New Albany wedding columbus-36HernandezJorgensenFarms-14New Albany wedding columbus-49New Albany wedding columbus-50HernandezJorgensenFarms-15New Albany wedding columbus-42New Albany wedding columbus-2New Albany wedding columbus-3HernandezJorgensenFarms-16New Albany wedding columbus-51New Albany wedding columbus-52New Albany wedding columbus-53New Albany wedding columbus-54New Albany wedding columbus-55New Albany wedding columbus-43

Columbus Wedding Photography

Amanda + Dustin  // Columbus Wedding // Clintonville Women’s Club, Clintonville

These two adventurers started their wedding journey with a tour of Columbus!  We began the day capturing their ‘getting ready’ photos, then traveled to Inniswood for the reveal of the bride, then down to the cobblestone streets of German Village for some bridal party shots, and finally back to the venue at the Women’s Club in Clintonville. With all the stops, the day went quick and hopefully their wedding gallery will allow them to remember all the moments, big and small.  Congrats Amanda & Dustin!

ColumbusWeddingColumbus wedding photography-1Columbus wedding photography-2Columbus wedding photography-3Columbus wedding photography-4Columbus wedding photography-5Columbus wedding photography-6Columbus wedding photography-7Columbus wedding photography-8Columbus wedding photography-9Columbus wedding photography-10Columbus wedding photography-11Columbus wedding photography-12Columbus wedding photography-13Columbus wedding photography-14Columbus wedding photography-15ColumbusWedding-2Columbus wedding photography-16Columbus wedding photography-17Columbus wedding photography-18ColumbusWedding-3ColumbusWedding-4Columbus wedding photography-19ColumbusWedding-5ColumbusWedding-6ColumbusWedding-7Columbus wedding photography-26ColumbusWedding-9ColumbusWedding-10ColumbusWedding-11Columbus wedding photography-20Columbus wedding photography-21