Sunset Maternity + Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Sunset Maternity + Newborn lifestyle photography session | Columbus, Ohio

This family was the SWEETEST!!! I love working with first time parents as they anticipate and then welcome the arrival of a new baby to their lives. I got to meet them at their maternity session {they were referred to me by one of my most loyal and fun families!} and we had a lot of fun exploring the park and talking about life before baby. Then they welcomed me to their home shortly after baby arrived and I was able to document some of their earliest moments as new parents. I have the BEST job. And kind, sweet, laid back parents such as these (oh and a super cute little man!) make it that much more enjoyable!!!

Here are a few from their maternity session… then scroll down to check out their newest family member!

Baby makes THREE! 🙂

Dublin Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Dublin, Ohio

This beautiful girl, Leila, made her way from Dayton to do her senior session so I especially honored that she chose LBP! We met in Bridgepark and although it was a smidge chilly, we got a perfect sunset & some perfect images! Leila was sweet, fun and so easy to work with. Here are a few favorites from her session and I hope the end of her senior year is going well!

Hilliard Family + Maternity Photography

Family + Maternity photography session | Hilliard, Ohio

We got exciting news this week that baby Quinn made her appearance into the world… making Jack a big brother! So before heading to visit this adorable family later today to meet their newest little one… I wanted to make time to share their BEAUTIFUL fall maternity+family mini session. They are just the cutest and I can’t wait to see them as a family of FOUR!

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2021 

This next school year will bring unique adventures for all of us – especially our seniors – as they navigate the ever-changing school landscape, while making the most of their last year of high school. As summer draws to an end, our upcoming class of 2021 graduates will begin to schedule many important milestones… and we can’t wait to kick off senior portrait season!

I’ve been lucky enough to know Leah for a few years now and was SO happy when we scheduled her senior pictures. Not only is she GORGEOUS (I mean, just look at her!), she is also kind, genuine and incredibly entertaining… she makes me laugh and always sees the brighter side of life. Our first attempt didn’t last long as the rain rolled in and our session was shortened, but our second night gave us perfect weather and beautiful light. Although it was nearly impossible to narrow down her gallery and choose my favorites, I finally managed to do so… check out some favorites from Leah’s summer senior session!

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-7Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-5Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-6Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-9Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-8Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-19Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-17Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-16Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-13Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-11Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-10Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-1Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-2Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-3Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-4Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-23Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-22Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-21


One of Leah’s besties joined us too, so of course I had to snap a few of these cuties together…

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-14Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-15Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-20

Looking forward to this school year and fingers crossed, it goes as smooth and “normal” as possible!

Olentangy Senior Photography

Olentangy Senior Photography Session | Lewis Center, Ohio

Here is our second senior for today’s two-part feature of some 2019 grads we couldn’t leave out! Lauren is just about the sweetest girl you may ever meet. Kind, compassionate, fun and full of life, she is a bright light with a gorgeous smile. Her flawless style along with a few personal touches – flowers and guitar included – perfectly personalized her session. The fall colors were in full effect and the golden sun came through strong as it set, my absolute favorite way to end any session. Wishing Lauren all the best this year as she heads out into our great big world!

lewis center ohio senior photography-1lewis center ohio senior photography-2lewis center ohio senior photography-3lewis center ohio senior photography-4lewis center ohio senior photography-5lewis center ohio senior photography-25.jpglewis center ohio senior photography-7lewis center ohio senior photography-8lewis center ohio senior photography-9lewis center ohio senior photography-12lewis center ohio senior photography-13lewis center ohio senior photography-16lewis center ohio senior photography-17lewis center ohio senior photography-18lewis center ohio senior photography-19lewis center ohio senior photography-20lewis center ohio senior photography-21lewis center ohio senior photography-22


Sidenote: I got to know Lauren and her sister through Orange HS over the years and it has been such a pleasure! I had to share some of these more “behind the scenes” memories… maybe not your typical gallery favorites, but ones I will always remember… Lauren’s love of yoga, life and laughter, the sisterly giggles and even the eye rolls. OOHS will miss you Lauren! And Sara you’d better come to visit next year! xo 

lewis center ohio senior photography-10lewis center ohio senior photography-11lewis center ohio senior photography-15lewis center ohio senior photography-14

Dublin senior photography

Dublin Senior Photography Session | Worthington, Ohio

When life gets hectic… we don’t always make time to blog! Now that we are moving into the most popular time of year for senior photos – late summer and early fall – we wanted to showcase two beautiful grads from 2019 that we adored working with.

This first senior is Maddy and although she’s a Dublin graduate, we met in old Worthington. Both her and mom wanted a short, simple and sweet senior session. We popped around to a few different spots, incorporated her passion for guitar and were even lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset. Maddy made it easy to capture her natural beauty and the session was a short and simple success! Here are some favorites…

Dublin ohio senior photography-1Dublin ohio senior photography-3Dublin ohio senior photography-4Dublin ohio senior photography-5Dublin ohio senior photography-6Dublin ohio senior photography-7Dublin ohio senior photography-8Dublin ohio senior photography-9Dublin ohio senior photography-10


Hilliard Family Photography

Family Lifestyle Sunset Session | Hilliard, Ohio

We’ve photographed this fun-loving family for years – since their oldest was just an itty bitty. I always enjoy seeing them and capturing their playful personalities! We got some traditional portraits, but my favorites will always be the candids. The moment when momma’s little girl cuddles into her a little closer. When dad carries the boys around on his back. When the oldest needs a moment to cheer up before the “click.” We had a blast giggling, playing, jumping, “squishing” each other in cuddles and soaking in the golden sunlight. Here are a few favorites from our sunset session…

Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-1Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-2Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-3Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-4Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-5Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-6Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-7Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-8Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-9Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-10Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-11Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-12Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-13Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-14Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-15Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-16Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-17Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-18Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-19Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-20

Powell sunset photography

Golden sunset session on the farm | Powell, Ohio 

I’m not sure what I loved most about this amazing session because so many things made my heart happy! The fact that the momma and I have been close friends for almost 30 years & playing with her littles gives me joy. The gorgeous farm setting full of lots of candid opportunities for the kids to play and spark genuine smiles. Or the golden sun that surprised us at the end of a cloudy day. I’m always honored when friends trust me with their family photos because hanging out at the session feels like just that… hanging out! Here are some favorites from our perfectly golden, perfectly joyful sunset session.

powell sunset photography-1powell sunset photography-2powell sunset photography-3powell sunset photography-35powell sunset photography-36powell sunset photography-5powell sunset photography-4powell sunset photography-6powell sunset photography-7powell sunset photography-8powell sunset photography-9powell sunset photography-10powell sunset photography-11powell sunset photography-12powell sunset photography-13powell sunset photography-14powell sunset photography-15powell sunset photography-16powell sunset photography-17powell sunset photography-18powell sunset photography-19powell sunset photography-20powell sunset photography-21powell sunset photography-22powell sunset photography-23powell sunset photography-24powell sunset photography-25powell sunset photography-26powell sunset photography-27powell sunset photography-28powell sunset photography-29powell sunset photography-30powell sunset photography-31powell sunset photography-32powell sunset photography-33

Dublin Sunset Family Photography

Sunset Family Session | Plain City/Dublin, Ohio

This session only lasted about 10 minutes. Not pictured are the in-between melt downs our youngest had every few minutes and my oldest asking when we’d be done so he could change out of his jeans. We rolled with it, did a lot of tickling and got them to cooperate just long enough to take advantage of the beautiful golden light. When you have kids between the ages of 0-5, you never know how a session will go!

These pictures literally make me tear up. For so many reasons. I’m thankful to have a sister who loves us enough to take our photos several times per year. She’s so good at getting the kids to laugh & she captures the little moments that I want to document forever. I’m blessed to have children who fill my heart with joy.  I often wish I could freeze time and keep them little, but I know there are exciting memories to be made as they grow up. And even after several years of marriage, figuring out how to parent two little ones, juggling multiple jobs & schedules, surviving on very little sleep… the stress of life has only made me love my husband more. He sometimes makes me crazy, but he always makes me laugh. 🙂

As we move into the holiday season, we want all of our clients – many of whom have become friends – to know how thankful we are to have this business and be able to capture moments like this for you.  Laughing as a family.  And maybe sometimes crying. We hope you have a wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas and in case we don’t see you, a Happy New Year!

Gellenbeck Fall 2017-1Gellenbeck Fall 2017-2Gellenbeck Fall 2017-3Gellenbeck Fall 2017-4Gellenbeck Fall 2017-5Gellenbeck Fall 2017-6Gellenbeck Fall 2017-7Gellenbeck Fall 2017-8Gellenbeck Fall 2017-9Gellenbeck Fall 2017-10Gellenbeck Fall 2017-11Gellenbeck Fall 2017-12Gellenbeck Fall 2017-13Gellenbeck Fall 2017-14Gellenbeck Fall 2017-15Gellenbeck Fall 2017-16Gellenbeck Fall 2017-17Gellenbeck Fall 2017-18Gellenbeck Fall 2017-19Gellenbeck Fall 2017-20Gellenbeck Fall 2017-21Gellenbeck Fall 2017-22Gellenbeck Fall 2017-23

Dublin Sunset Photography

Sunset Lifestyle Family Session | Dublin, Ohio

The Robinson Family has been visiting us since their oldest was their tiniest. 🙂 We love working with them, laughing with them & just hanging out with them! The golden sun was perfect and this was another successful fall mini session at one of our favorite locations. Enjoy a peek!

Robinson mini 2017-1Robinson mini 2017-2Robinson mini 2017-3Robinson mini 2017-4Robinson mini 2017-5Robinson mini 2017-6Robinson mini 2017-7Robinson mini 2017-8Robinson mini 2017-9Robinson mini 2017-10Robinson mini 2017-11Robinson mini 2017-12