Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday “Smash & Splash” | Karrer Barn & LeenaBee Studio | Dublin, Ohio

This momma is a dear friend of mine and I’m so blessed she trusts me with her little ones.  We went to grad school together, have been co-workers for years and now she brings her adorable kids to come play with me!  Baby Grayson did the My First Year milestone package, so we got to visit several times throughout his first year, ending with his recent cake smash & splash session.  We started outside for some family photos, went to the studio to do his cake smash, then headed back out to do a splash session to get him cleaned up!  He was all smiles and we had a blast!

Grayson one year-1Grayson one year-2Grayson one year-3Grayson one year-4Grayson one year-5Grayson one year-6Grayson one year-7Grayson one year-8Grayson one year-9Grayson one year-10Grayson one year-11Grayson one year-12Grayson one year-13Grayson one year-14Grayson one year-15Grayson one year-16Grayson one year-17Grayson one year-18Grayson one year-19Grayson one year-20Grayson one year-21Grayson one year-22Grayson one year-23Grayson one year-24Grayson one year-25Grayson one year-26Grayson one year-27Grayson one year-28Grayson one year-29Grayson one year-30Grayson one year-31

Also, just for memory’s sake… take a look at his year inside the bucket!  We used the same silver bucket prop at his newborn, 6 month and one year session (by then he was too big to fit into it!)  Look how he changed!

Dublin newborn-18Dublin newborn-19Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.18.32 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.18.44 PMGrayson one year-17

Dublin First Birthday Photography // Cake Smash & Splash!

We LOVE capturing first birthdays.

Lily just started walking, so we were able to document some of those wobbly early steps.  She hasn’t had much sugar, and we were able to capture her smiles as she daintily tasted her cake [mom & dad even got in on the action!].  And she was our very first “splash” session… taking a bubble bath after her cake smash to clean up.  Her family was sweet and the session was lots of fun!  Meet Lily…

Dublin cakesmash first birthday-1Dublin cakesmash first birthday-2Dublin cakesmash first birthday-3Dublin cakesmash first birthday-4Dublin cakesmash first birthday-6Dublin cakesmash first birthday-7Dublin cakesmash first birthday-8Dublin cakesmash first birthday-9Dublin cakesmash first birthday-10Dublin cakesmash first birthday-12Dublin cakesmash first birthday-13Dublin cakesmash first birthday-14Dublin cakesmash first birthday-15Dublin cakesmash first birthday-16Dublin cakesmash first birthday-17Dublin cakesmash first birthday-18Dublin cakesmash first birthday-19Dublin cakesmash first birthday-20Dublin cakesmash first birthday-21Dublin cakesmash first birthday-22Dublin cakesmash first birthday-23Dublin cakesmash first birthday-24Dublin cakesmash first birthday-25Dublin cakesmash first birthday-26Dublin cakesmash first birthday-27Dublin cakesmash first birthday-28Dublin cakesmash first birthday-29Dublin cakesmash first birthday-30Dublin cakesmash first birthday-31Dublin cakesmash first birthday-32Dublin cakesmash first birthday-33Dublin cakesmash first birthday-34Dublin cakesmash first birthday-35