Olentangy / Columbus Senior Photography

Milana | Olentangy Orange Senior | Columbus, Ohio

I’ve known Milana for a few years now and was ECSTATIC when she emailed me this past summer to do her senior pictures! She is the kind of girl any photographer would die to work with… gorgeous, comfortable in front of the camera, and uber fashionable and stylish. Bonus that she is one of the sweetest seniors I know!

We started at Schiller Park in German Village, then headed to the Scioto Mile to finish up at sunset, giving us both a park and a more urban setting. We laughed and chatted and laughed some more, making her two hour “All Out” senior session fly by.  It was fun to spend the evening with her – and her family who tagged along – before the hustle and bustle of her senior year set it.

Look out world!  This amazing, smart, classy, stunning senior is coming for you!

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Dublin Senior Photography

Hannah | Dublin Jerome Senior | Dublin, Ohio

I was fortunate enough to work with Hannah last week to document the beginning of her senior year! As a photographer, I started off shooting mostly babies and weddings, but I have grown to love working on senior sessions over the last year and a half. Teenagers know their style. They have their own ideas to contribute.  And bedtime isn’t until after the sun sets, unlike many of our one year old clients!

Hannah’s first session was on a cloudy, overcast day.  We had fun walking and talking about her dreams and plans beyond high school.  We got lots of beautiful, evenly-lit shots and a wide variety of looks between her two outfits.  Although we could have stopped there, I was craving the warmth of a backlit sunset session, so we met for a quick 20 minutes a few nights later, right as the sun was going down. Both sessions turned out perfect and I’m so excited for her to share her gallery with her family and friends.

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Plain City Ohio Senior Photography

Sara  // Jonathan Alder HS Senior // Plain City, Ohio

Sara and I had a great time hanging out, talking about her future, laughing… oh and taking some beautiful photos!  She was a natural and made my job super easy, just point & shoot!  The sunset didn’t quite cooperate until the last few minutes of the evening, but we still got some great shots for the start of her senior year.  She is doing another session in the fall and I can. not. wait!

Dublin senior photography 2-1Dublin senior photography 2-2Dublin senior photography 2-3Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-1Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-2Dublin senior photography 2-4Dublin senior photography 2-5Dublin senior photography 2-6Dublin senior photography 2-8Dublin senior photography 2-7Dublin senior photography 2-9Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-6Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-7Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-8Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-9Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-10Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-11Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-12Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-13Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-14Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-15Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-16Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-17Dublin Ohio Senior Photography-19

Dublin Senior Photography

Emily & Hannah | Red Trabue & Glacier Ridge, Dublin Ohio 

Emily is about to graduate from Olentangy Orange HS and her sister, Hannah, graduated a few years ago. I’ve gotten to know these girls well through school (Hannah took several of my business classes) and now through our photo shoots. We had a blast laughing, chasing the sun & exploring the parks of Dublin over the last few months. We first met last autumn to do some senior pictures with the fall colors, then waited until spring to meet up for the second half of their package. Although this was mainly Emily’s senior session, we got some individuals of Hannah as well, and even a few “sister” shots for mom & dad to enjoy! Meet Emily & Hannah…

Senior photography Dublin Ohio-1Senior photography Dublin Ohio-2Senior photography Dublin Ohio-3Senior photography Dublin Ohio-4Senior photography Dublin Ohio-5Senior photography Dublin Ohio-6Senior photography Dublin Ohio-7Senior photography Dublin Ohio-8Senior photography Dublin Ohio-9Senior photography Dublin Ohio-10Senior photography Dublin Ohio-11Senior photography Dublin Ohio-12Senior photography Dublin Ohio-13Senior photography Dublin Ohio-14Senior photography Dublin Ohio-16Senior photography Dublin Ohio-17Senior photography Dublin Ohio-18Senior photography Dublin Ohio-19Senior photography Dublin Ohio-20Senior photography Dublin Ohio-21Senior photography Dublin Ohio-22Senior photography Dublin Ohio-23Senior photography Dublin Ohio-24

Our fall session…

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Dublin Senior Photography

Claire // Dublin Senior session // Red Trabue

Sessions like these are what make us fall in love with photography over and over.  Claire was an absolute natural.  She was stunning, worked the camera and truly made her session fun & enjoyable.  Mom came along and the three of us told stories, laughed and snapped away until the last ray of golden light disappeared.  Meet Claire (and her puppy too!)…


Ciera // Senior Photography

Ciera // Olentangy Senior Photo Session // Dublin, Ohio 

Sometimes, magic happens.

Gorgeous, golden light. A stunning subject. A heavenly location. They all blend together in perfect harmony.  Ciera is an amazing girl, soon to be a senior at Olentangy Orange High School.  She truly was a natural and made our session easy, fun and one of my favorite, hands down.  Like EVER.  I’ve been on a baby craze lately, but she makes me want to do senior sessions over and over!  Meet Ciera…

Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-1Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-3Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-4Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-5Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-6Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-7Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-8Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-9Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-11Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-12Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-13Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-14Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-15Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-6Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-5Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-4Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-3Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-2Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-1Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-28Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-29Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-33Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-34Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-35Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-37Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-38Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-39Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-41


**Disclaimer // We tend to edit a tad more “naturally” now with less saturation of colors… but aren’t these still beautiful!?!

Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-24

Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-26Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-27

Dublin Senior Photography

Leah | Dublin Coffman HS Senior | Inniswood Metro Gardens | Westerville

**Disclaimer // This session was a few years back and we love it too much to remove it… however, we tend to edit a tad less “saturated” now and images may look different. As artists, we have an ever evolving style! 

Leah is a senior at Dublin Coffman, where both Kelsey and Teresa attended [years ago!] We decided to meet at Inniswood, for its awesome variety of photo options within one location; rustic, greenery, even a touch of urban.  Leah was one of our favorite seniors thus far.  She was a natural model, very comfortable in front of the camera.  She has a beautiful smile, great style and long, gorgeous hair… all elements for a polished finished product!  She was also super sweet and fun to work with.  Meet Leah…

Leah Senior-1 Leah Senior-2 Leah Senior-3 Leah Senior-4 Leah Senior-5 Leah Senior-6 Leah Senior-7 Leah Senior-8 Leah Senior-9 Leah Senior-10 Leah Senior-11 Leah Senior-12
Leah Senior-14 Leah Senior-15 Leah Senior-16 Leah Senior-17 Leah Senior-18 Leah Senior-19 Leah Senior-20 Leah Senior-21 Leah Senior-22 Leah Senior-23 Leah Senior-24 Leah Senior-25

Dublin & Westerville Senior Photography

Nina | Olentangy Orange High School senior | Inniswood Metro Park, Westerville

Nina is an OOHS soon-to-be senior and we had a great time during her photo shoots. We first met at Indian Run Falls in Dublin, but we barely got in our session before the July storms got the best of us. We then met at InnisWood Metro Gardens in Westerville for session two and had a bit more time. Nina is a beautiful girl, which helped us capture images that are hopefully worthy of this special time in her [and her family’s!] life.

Olentangy Senior Photography-1Olentangy Senior Photography-2Olentangy Senior Photography-3Olentangy Senior Photography-4Olentangy Senior Photography-5Olentangy Senior Photography-6Olentangy Senior Photography-7Olentangy Senior Photography-8Olentangy Senior Photography-9Olentangy Senior Photography-11Olentangy Senior Photography-11

Westerville Senior Photos + Five tips for making your senior session a success!

Gelila // Olentangy Orange High School Senior // Inniswood // Westerville, Ohio

Recently, we were blessed to work with this beautiful young lady, Gelila aka GG, for her senior photo shoot.  She is a student at Olentangy Orange and was excited to work with us on a fun, fashionable shoot.  Gelila-3Before, during & after working with GG, we discussed several things that would make the session successful.  And it was!  So here are our tips…

Five Tips for an Awesome Senior Picture Photo Shoot!

1. Show the various sides of your personality.  A mix of dressy & casual outfits, some smiling photos, some not… we want to showcase your many facets!  Try on your outfits prior to the session and make sure they ‘work’ for you.  Practice various smiles, stances, positions – sitting, standing, arms crossed, etc – in the mirror.  Yes, you will feel silly… but who cares!

2.  Solid, neutral colors tend to photograph well.  Think creams, whites, greys, blues. Busy patterns, text and super bright colors are not as flattering.  Darker shades tend to be more slimming.  Our all time fav?  Whites and creams, especially at sunset (unless you are fair skinned and they wash you out!)

3.  Textures and layers can add an interesting dimension – think belts, shaw/kimonos, scarves, jewelry, layered tops.  You can always switch them out with a neutral outfit to give a photo a whole new look.

4. Be YOU… but a polished version!  This is NOT the time to try a new hair cut or style… try that a few weeks/months prior.  Pay attention to little details that will likely end up in photographs (nail polish, shoes, etc).  Girls – even if you don’t normally wear makeup, a little neutral makeup can really make a difference!  Be daring and splurge on hair or makeup!  Also, if you have a location, props, etc that are important, ask if you can incorporate them into your session.

5.  HAVE FUN!  Laughs & smiles make great, genuine photos.  Finding a photographer that makes it an enjoyable experience will be worth the time spent looking [we know a couple that are really fun! 🙂 ] Gelila-16Gelila-19

Dublin Senior Photos [Grayson; Worthington Kilbourne]

Worthington Kilbourne Senior Session |  Glacier Ridge & Historic Dublin, Ohio

With a focus on babies, families and weddings, we don’t get a ton of seniors around here [although Teresa works with them every day as a high school business teacher!]  So when Grayson came along, he was a bit of a change from our normal newborns & two years olds and was truly a pleasure to work with.  He didn’t cry, didn’t try to run away and did exactly as asked.  🙂

Most teenage boys, albeit cooperative, do not tend to love taking pictures for 60+ minutes.  Grayson was the exception and was pleasant, friendly and laughing the whole session!  Here are a few worth sharing…