Dublin Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Dublin, Ohio

This beautiful girl, Leila, made her way from Dayton to do her senior session so I especially honored that she chose LBP! We met in Bridgepark and although it was a smidge chilly, we got a perfect sunset & some perfect images! Leila was sweet, fun and so easy to work with. Here are a few favorites from her session and I hope the end of her senior year is going well!

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2021 

This beautiful young lady is just a few weeks away from being a high school graduate and we had to share her most recent senior session before she went out into the world of adulting! Leah literally couldn’t have been any easier to work with… beauty, style, comfortable in front of the camera, and full of laughter, our time together “hanging out” was so fun and the evening flew by. We ended up doing three separate senior sessions {see her summer sessions HEREand my time with Leah will always rank at the top of my favorite senior sessions. This little peek doesn’t do her justice, but I hope she’ll be able to reflect back and remember the good {and maybe even the challenging!} times she spent at Olentangy Orange High School. Best wishes to you Leah!

Dublin Senior Photography

Dublin senior photography session | Dublin Coffman HS, class of 2021  

I’m a photographer, but I’m also a high school teacher and my heart aches for all the seniors this year. So many school and senior activities have been canceled or changed… yet they keep on keepin’ on with a smile on their faces! I’m so proud of the class of 2021 and thankful that some milestones, such as outdoor senior pictures, can still make their year special and memorable. I recently had the chance to spend the evening with Alison who attends my alma mater, Dublin Coffman High School! We, along with her parents, toured the park catching glimpses of the golden sun as it set behind us in the fields. It was a perfect night and I hope we captured a little piece of Alison that will be frozen in these timeless images forever!

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2021 

Winter, spring and early summer we shoot mostly families, babies and the occasional corporate or small business session… but once August rolls around, we start working more regularly with soon-to-be graduates. Zayla is the kind of dreamy client that makes me fall in love with senior photography over and again! A gorgeous girl on a beautiful late summer day is bound to give you some amazing images. We had SO much fun exploring the park, chatting it up and having an impromptu dance session on the boat dock! Check out some favorites from our evening sunset senior session…

I’d be remiss to not mention Zayla’s big sis, Milana, another one of my favorite senior clients –> click HERE to take a walk down memory lane!

Hilliard Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Hilliard, Ohio 

It is bound to be a legendary year, and many 2021 grads are making the best of the chaos while still taking part in “traditional” events like their senior photo session! Michael and I met up at Homestead Metro Park, exploring both the nature and the architecture of the park. Although I’m sure he was there more for his mom… he did a great job of acting like he was having a good time and channeling his “model” charm! Here’s hoping this was the start of an amazing senior year for you, Michael!

Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-2Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-3Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-4Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-1Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-5Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-6Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-7Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-8Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-9Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-10Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-11Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-12Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-13

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2021 

This next school year will bring unique adventures for all of us – especially our seniors – as they navigate the ever-changing school landscape, while making the most of their last year of high school. As summer draws to an end, our upcoming class of 2021 graduates will begin to schedule many important milestones… and we can’t wait to kick off senior portrait season!

I’ve been lucky enough to know Leah for a few years now and was SO happy when we scheduled her senior pictures. Not only is she GORGEOUS (I mean, just look at her!), she is also kind, genuine and incredibly entertaining… she makes me laugh and always sees the brighter side of life. Our first attempt didn’t last long as the rain rolled in and our session was shortened, but our second night gave us perfect weather and beautiful light. Although it was nearly impossible to narrow down her gallery and choose my favorites, I finally managed to do so… check out some favorites from Leah’s summer senior session!

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-7Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-5Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-6Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-9Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-8Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-19Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-17Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-16Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-13Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-11Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-10Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-1Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-2Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-3Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-4Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-23Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-22Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-21


One of Leah’s besties joined us too, so of course I had to snap a few of these cuties together…

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-14Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-15Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-20

Looking forward to this school year and fingers crossed, it goes as smooth and “normal” as possible!

Dublin Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Dublin Jerome HS, class of 2020 

I’ve known my friend Erin since way back in the day… “the good ol’ days” we often call them. We were fast friends, soccer teammates and created all kinds of fun ~ or rather mischief ~ together.

Flash forward to 2020 and Erin has a daughter old enough to head off to college! You can’t imagine how crazy this seems to me. Her daughter, Riley, is a recent graduate of Dublin Jerome and headed to play soccer this year as a Louisville Cardinal. She is a beautiful girl full of ambition and I hope her aspirations of being a collegiate athlete and starting her “real freshman year” play out as they should!

Although this session was captured a few months back, I’m finally making time to blog and commemorate the memories. It was my pleasure to spend the evening with not only Erin and Riley, but two of Riley’s friends, Alyssa and Lily. Between the three seniors, I saw the most variety I’ve had at a shoot with a total of 9 (or maybe 10?) outfit changes and loads of golden sunshine on the Mullady’s gorgeous farm. Here are some favorites from their session… and likely our last senior 2020 post as we begin working with the upcoming class of 2021!!


Dublin senior photography-3 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-4(Riley)Dublin senior photography-11 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-12 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-14 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-15 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-16 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-17 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-19 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-20 (Riley)


Dublin senior photography-1 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-2 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-3 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-4 (Alyssa) copyDublin senior photography-5 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-6 (Alyssa)


Dublin senior photography-1 (Lily)Dublin senior photography-2 (Lily)Dublin senior photography-2Dublin senior photography-3 (Lily)Dublin senior photography-3Dublin senior photography-6 (Lily)

Thanks for a fun evening girls! May you never lose your sense of laughter and keep dreaming for the stars… even if your freshman year looks different then planned! 

Dublin senior photography-22

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2020 

I’ve known Fallon for several years and we’ve grown so close over time that no matter how happy I am for her… there is a layer of sadness that comes with saying goodbye. She, like all graduates of the class of 2020, certainly had an interesting and unforgettable ending to their school year. With Covid-19 closing schools in mid March and the two month quarantine that followed, Fallon’s visions of class meetings, get togethers with friends, Prom and other end-of-year-senior festivities were either canceled or non-traditional, to say the least. Thankfully we were able to get her senior photo sessions done this year and during the process, I also met her friend Averie. I’m late blogging these… but will forever remember these sessions, the laughter we shared and the positive impact Fallon made on me – and those around her – during her time at OOHS!

Fallon summer (2) Olentangy senior photographyFallon summer (3) Olentangy senior photographyFallon summer (4) Olentangy senior photographyFallon summer (5) Olentangy senior photographyFallon summer (1) Olentangy senior photography

Fallon (1) Olentangy Senior photographyFallon (2) Olentangy Senior photographyFallon (3) Olentangy Senior photographyFallon (4) Olentangy Senior photographyFallon (5) Olentangy Senior photographyFallon (6) Olentangy Senior photography

Averie (1) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (2) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (3) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (4) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (5) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (6) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (7) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (8) Olentangy Senior photographyAverie (9) Olentangy Senior photography

Olentangy senior photography (3)Olentangy senior photography (1)Olentangy senior photography (2)

Dublin Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Dublin, Ohio

I’ve worked with the Jasper family for years and watched their littles grow BIG!! I was honored to work with Zach for his senior session and although he made me work for his smile, I managed to capture a few. 🙂 I enjoyed talking with him about soccer and his future college plans while exploring our hometown. Here are a few favorites from our session…

Dublin senior photography-1Dublin senior photography-2Dublin senior photography-3Dublin senior photography-4Dublin senior photography-5Dublin senior photography-6Dublin senior photography-7Dublin senior photography-8Dublin senior photography-9Dublin senior photography-10Dublin senior photography-11Dublin senior photography-12Dublin senior photography-13Dublin senior photography-14Dublin senior photography-15

Dublin + Columbus Senior Photography

Senior session | Columbus, Ohio

Emma will soon be a Dublin graduate, but we took to the streets of Columbus for her senior photo session! Being a coffee lover, we started at Stauf’s German Village where she grabbed a latte with mom and we chatted about all things senior year. We then took a stroll down the streets of German Village, Emma’s favorite furry labrador in tow, hitting the Book Loft and some adorable spots along the cobbled streets.

We then went to the Scioto Mile where Emma transformed from a high school senior into a ready-for-new-york full on MODEL! The sunset was perfect and Emma worked the camera like a seasoned pro. I’d rave about how amazing she looked, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Meet Emma….

Dublin ohio senior photography-1Dublin ohio senior photography-2Dublin ohio senior photography-3Dublin ohio senior photography-4Dublin ohio senior photography-5Dublin ohio senior photography-6Dublin ohio senior photography-7Dublin ohio senior photography-8Dublin ohio senior photography-9Dublin ohio senior photography-10Dublin ohio senior photography-11Dublin ohio senior photography-12Dublin ohio senior photography-13Dublin ohio senior photography-14Dublin ohio senior photography-15Dublin ohio senior photography-16Dublin ohio senior photography-17Dublin ohio senior photography-18Dublin ohio senior photography-19Dublin ohio senior photography-20Dublin ohio senior photography-21Dublin ohio senior photography-22