Project 52 ~ weeks 16 to 25

Seriously, where does the time go?

Although we take pictures weekly, if not daily, we often don’t make the time to blog and post them like we should!  And its always hard to narrow down the shots to just one selection, so many of these themes have more than one image.

Dust off the archives, below include themes from week 16 -25!


Week 16

Theme:  mine 

16 - mine-2

We had to show him how to collect the eggs, but once he figured it out, he did not want to let go! 


Week 17 

Theme:  pastel

17 - pastel-2

Pastels on a baby @ the beach at sunset! Precious!   


Week 18

Theme:  moody

18d - moody-2

Boston’s 6 month shoot – his first photo made him seem moody… but we promise, the rest were all smiles! 

18b - moody-2

 Our little man is often quite expressive… observing, before smiling and laughing.  This night, however, he was actually getting sick (we didn’t know at the time) so he was cranky, fussy and no smiles at all!  


Week 19

Theme:  faces 

Ethan’s expressions are priceless.  Happy, sad, angry, mad, grumpy, cheerful, and everything in between.

18c - moody-2

Think he is growling here.

19 - faces-2

And here he is, calm and quiet.  

A rare occurrence, but he is listening for his soon-to-be-brother inside momma’s tummy!  


Week 20

Theme: light

Sunlight sessions, backlighting, sun-flare… a recent obsession [of Teresa’s] so it was hard to narrow down the shots on this theme.  Here are some favorites…

20d - light-2

Harbor Town, Hilton Head @ sunset 

20e - light

Yoga outdoors allows you to experience nature; earth, wind & sunshine 

20 - light-2

Happily engaged couple, celebrating at sunset  

Week 21

Theme: [our] backyard 

Hanging out in good ‘ol Ohio…

21d - my backyard-2

Hello Gabe!  At our parents’ farm. 

21c - my backyard-2

Enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the tree swing 

21b - my backyard-2

Tractors and diggers = a little boy’s dream come true 


Week 22

Theme: [our] life 

We love our families.  Our friends.  Our Heavenly father.  But we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being mommas.  Our boys are our life!

22 - my life-2


Kelsey & Ethan on vacation 

22b - my life-2

Teresa & JP @ the Columbus Clippers game


Week 23

Theme: blur

23 - blur-2

Blessed and honored to be able to capture this proposal on camera…

don’t worry, they didn’t all have this sea-grass blur, but this seemed artsy and fit the theme!   


Week 24

Theme: motion

24 - motion-2

This child NEVER. SITS. STILL.  Like ever.  

Here he is dancing away on the beach.  He is likely screaming, laughing and singing at the same time.  

More motion, energy and life in this little guy than anyone else we know!  

Week 25

Theme: dreamy 

25 - dreamy-2

This beach, sun-set, surprise proposal really was a dream.  Again, so blessed to have been a part of it!  


 Thanks for viewing!  Hope to see you soon! 

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Project 52 ~ weeks 11-15

We started this 52 week project as a quest to get some practice and [luckily] clients have been keeping us busy.  We [obviously] always put the customer first, so our fun little project keeps getting pushed to the side!

Below are weeks 11-15.  


Week 11 

Theme:  patterns 

Scioto Mile

The Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus ~ notice the pattern of pillars?  

Week 12 

Theme: blue

It was too hard to decide between these two… so we chose them both!


Little miss Natalie

Little miss Natalie in her blue ‘Frozen’ dress and her beautiful blue eyes



Tiff & Chris engaged

 Tiff and Chris’s engagement session ~ found this blue background down on Ohio State campus 


Week 13 

Theme: vast 

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The vast ocean ~ Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Spring Break 2014 


Week 14 

Theme:  radiate 

Once again, there were two we loved… and we love these two more than life!


Little JP radiates joy as he experiences the beach for the first time 

Big brother Eef

Ethan radiates joy as he announces the news of his future baby brother 

Week 15 

Theme:  white 

The Barn

 One of our favorite photography spots near Historic Dublin – winter white!  


 Thanks for dropping in!  

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Project 52 ~ weeks 8-10

We are behind schedule!  We [were lucky enough to have] had FIVE client shoots within a week and a half, so we put the customers first and got a little behind on our 52 week project.

Here are weeks 8-10, will get caught up soon (I think M4H is already on week 13!  Yikes!)

Week 8 

Theme:  Bright

Captured this  California family in the snow a couple weeks ago.  The girls’ bright coats really stood out against the bright, beautiful white snow!



Week 9 

Theme:  Color blind 

Ok I know we aren’t being too creative here… but it was hard to come up with something for color blind!!!  So here is the same photo above, in black & white… the way someone who CANNOT see color may see it.  Although our brothers are color blind, they can still see color, just get them mixed up [should have heard the argument about what color TMNT Donatello was… purple or brown?!]

LBP - Color Blind

And just for fun, another color-less photo… Kelsey, out on a shoot…

Kelsey LBP-1

Week 10 

Theme:  Soft 

This is probably one of my favorite pictures EVER (Teresa).  I guess I think it fits the ‘soft’ theme due to the quiet state I found them in and the silhouette softness.  These two are best buds.

LBP - Soft silhouette


Had to include the adorable black & white version too…


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7/52 ~ Focus

Week 7 ~ Project 52 

Theme:  Focus

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on just ONE photo for the weekly theme, so this week we’ve selected two.

Our little guys, JP & Ethan, have birthdays just two weeks apart.  This year, JP turned one and Ethan turned three.  Let me tell you, I didn’t realize how fast time goes until I became a mom.  You snap your fingers and they are a year older.  Seriously.

The boys were both very FOCUSED on their birthday cakes, while we were very FOCUSED on getting just the right photo.  Such moms, we are!


Ethan’s third birthday party…


He was so excited, so FOCUSED on his birthday candle while we all sung the traditional birthday song.  Also, shooting wide open is one of our favorite tricks, so this f/1.4 shot kept the focus right where it should be… on the birthday boy!

Ethan spent his birthday this year in DISNEY [lucky!] so we had his party when he returned.  It was Jake/Pirate themed and full of kids, cake, family & fun.  Happy 3rd Eef, you’re growing up too fast!


JP’s birthday cake smash session… 


We may have already posted this one earlier in February, but hey, it went with the theme!   I had to actually give him TWO cupcakes to get him to sit here long enough for a few cake-smash shots.  JP’s birthday theme was OH-IO made ~ you can see all the event coverage on HERE or on our blog HERE.


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4/52 ~ Joy

Week 4 ~ Project 52  Theme:  Joy The joy of pregnancy.  The joy of soon-to-be parents.  Love this shot from a maternity session last week (practicing our backlighting too!) ~ you can see the JOY glowing in and around them! … Continue reading

2/52 ~ Imperfection

Week 2 ~ Project 52 

Theme:  Imperfection

Practicing our indoor  photography and backlighting the subject, snapped this beauty of JP… food all over his face, hair frizzy from waking, still in his pjs…. perfectly imperfect!

Check back each week for a new theme/post and send us ideas for shots if you’d like.   For more info, visit M4H Photography.2-52 Imperfect

1/52 ~ Reflection

LBP is going to participate in Project 52 this year… we love a photo challenge!  A new theme is provided each week , in which you’re encouraged to capture and share an image.  Visit M4H Photography for more details and be sure to check our blog each week for new posts.  You can even send us ideas for shots or take your own challenge (two of our clients got DSLRs for Christmas, so practice, practice, practice!)

Week 1 ~ Project 52   or    (1/52 as we’ll refer to them each week)

Theme:  Reflection

We have been reflecting on 2013 for LBP and so we are cheating this week… We are using THREE images from the past (instead of taking a new one).  Not that they are our best shots, in fact they are more just snapshots, but they capture the essence of LBP.  Once we became mommas (and aunts!), we became addicted to taking pictures of these two handsome fellas.  The images also show how fast time flies, how quickly babies become toddlers (tear, sniffle!)  Make sure you are capturing YOUR lives, whether its with your own camera, an iPhone or you’re contacting a photographer (hopefully LBP!).  These little ones will be teenagers, asking to borrow the car or go on a date before we know it.

And now back to the theme, REFLECTION… our photography skills, equipment, customer base and passion have grown infinitely this past year.  We are thankful for all our clients, as LBP would not exist without you.  We are also thankful for our families who support us, and our sons who are the main reason LBP was created.

2013 was an awesome year, for our families, LBP and hopefully all of you!