Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday & Cake Smash Photography Session | Dublin, Ohio

It was a joy to work with this family for their daughter’s first birthday cake smash session. Momma is an Ag teacher and offered to supply all the fresh florals – they were absolutely beautiful! She came in with crates and crates, then even gifted me a bunch of gorgeous blooms to remember them after they were gone! Her blush pink semi-naked smash cake came from one of our local favorites, Our CupCakery. Even though little miss wasn’t very interested in her cake, we still got some super cute shots to capture this important milestone… the first birthday of their first born. πŸ™‚ Here are a few favorites!

Dublin Ohio First Birthday Cake Smash-1Dublin Ohio First Birthday Cake Smash-2Dublin Ohio First Birthday Cake Smash-3Dublin Ohio First Birthday Cake Smash-4Dublin Ohio First Birthday Cake Smash-5Dublin Ohio First Birthday Cake Smash-6Dublin Ohio First Birthday Cake Smash-7

Hilliard Family Photography

Family Lifestyle Sunset Session | Hilliard, Ohio

We’ve photographed this fun-loving family for years – since their oldest was just an itty bitty. I always enjoy seeing them and capturing their playful personalities! We got some traditional portraits, but my favorites will always be the candids. The moment when momma’s little girl cuddles into her a little closer. When dad carries the boys around on his back. When the oldest needs a moment to cheer up before the “click.” We had a blast giggling, playing, jumping, “squishing” each other in cuddles and soaking in the golden sunlight. Here are a few favorites from our sunset session…

Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-1Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-2Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-3Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-4Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-5Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-6Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-7Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-8Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-9Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-10Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-11Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-12Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-13Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-14Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-15Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-16Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-17Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-18Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-19Dublin Hilliard Lifestyle Photography-20

Worthington Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Session | Worthington, Ohio

Every time I do a lifestyle newborn session, I fall more in love. There is nothing quite as precious as witnessing new parents in their own home with their tiny miracle. Documenting those early moments as they cuddle and snuggle the morning away. Taking a few minutes for a feeding or diaper change, incorporating the family pet, seeing what favorite books – and sometimes artwork from previous sessions with us – they’ve chosen to put on display. I’m truly honored that families allow me to share these intimate memories with them.

Erin & Jonathan are two of the sweetest parents I’ve met. We first met at their maternity session and I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby B. They welcomed me, offered me coffee and let me cuddle the latest “addition” to the family before we started our session. We chatted about sleepless nights, labor & delivery, nursing and all things baby. Their home was the perfect backdrop and the gender-neutral nursery – baby boy was a surprise – was absolutely perfect. I’m thankful their friends referred them and hope to work with them for years to come. Here are a few favorites from my morning with baby Barrett and his parents…



Columbus/Hilliard Senior Photography

Jillian | Senior session |Β Columbus + Hilliard, Ohio

We had a lot of fun laughing, assembling our pop-up-tent and taking LOTS of images during Jillian’s session this fall. Somehow when I got home to work on editing her gallery, I had taken over 600 pictures – WAY more than I typically do, even for an upgraded session. Guess I just got a little click happy! We started in downtown Columbus along the Scioto Mile, then raced the sun to get to Homestead Park in Hilliard before the sunset (somehow she still made time to do three outfits in those last few golden minutes!) Here are a few favorites from Jillian’s senior session…

Dublin ohio senior photography-1Dublin ohio senior photography-2Dublin ohio senior photography-3Dublin ohio senior photography-4Dublin ohio senior photography-5Dublin ohio senior photography-6Dublin ohio senior photography-7Dublin ohio senior photography-8Dublin ohio senior photography-9Dublin ohio senior photography-10Dublin ohio senior photography-11Jillian Blog-1Dublin ohio senior photography-12Dublin ohio senior photography-13Dublin ohio senior photography-14Dublin ohio senior photography-15Jillian Blog-2

Dublin sunset maternity photography

Carder family | Maternity session |Β Dublin/Plain City, Ohio

The only thing better than a glowing sunset maternity session is when it is a dear friend and her adorable family! This momma and I have become close over the years through running, photography (I was blessed to work with her on her first baby’s first year!), and all things startup life (she also runs a small business). We met last week at Glacier Ridge Metro Park to capture baby #2 on the way and do one last photo shoot before baby Jack becomes big brother Jack. Hopefully they will cherish these memories and moments forever. Check out some favorites from this golden hour…

Dublin maternity photography-1Dublin maternity photography-2Dublin maternity photography-3Dublin ohio maternity photography-1.jpgDublin maternity photography-4Dublin maternity photography-5Dublin maternity photography-6Dublin maternity photography-7Dublin maternity photography-8Dublin maternity photography-9Dublin maternity photography-10Dublin maternity photography-11Dublin maternity photography-12Dublin maternity photography-13Dublin maternity photography-14Dublin maternity photography-15Dublin maternity photography-16

Dublin Newborn Photography

Stylized Newborn Session | Dublin, Ohio

As much as I love ALL newbies, I was excited to have a little girl to cuddle after a streak of boys! Baby K came to me just nine days new and although she didn’t want to sleep at first, we finally got her to close those pretty little eyes. This little babe has two older brothers that are going to both fill her life with joy, as well as toughen her up! Here are a few favorites from our session…

Kayla newborn-1Kayla newborn-2Kayla newborn-3Kayla newborn-4Kayla newborn-5Kayla newborn-6Kayla newborn-7Kayla newborn-8Kayla newborn-9Kayla newborn-10

Dublin first birthday photography

Sweet & Simple First Birthday (+ big sister) Session | Dublin, Ohio

This family is the absolute SWEETEST and I love seeing them every year. Last year we did Rilyn’s first birthday so it seemed appropriate to include her in her baby sister Myrah’s first birthday session this year! The girls definitely wanted to cuddle with momma, so I had to sneak some quick shots, but they turned out perfectly anyhow. πŸ™‚ Here are the youngest Tu girls, ages one and two!

Dublin first birthday photography-1Dublin first birthday photography-2Dublin first birthday photography-3Dublin first birthday photography-4Dublin first birthday photography-5Dublin first birthday photography-6Dublin first birthday photography-7Dublin first birthday photography-8Dublin first birthday photography-9

Dublin lifestyle newborn photography

Baby Hagan | Lifestyle newborn session | Grandview, Ohio

Oh my heart. Seriously. Baby Hagan was a dream – so sleepy and cuddly, such perfect skin and tiny features, so much gorgeous hair. And his parents? Unicorn parents. Perfectly calm, perfectly put together & perfectly… well, beautiful.

Momma and I have been friends since before either of us had babies and it was so surreal to see her with her own little one. I had a fabulous morning hanging out with them, catching up and snuggling baby Hagan. Oh… and we took some pictures! Check out some of my favorites and stay tuned for more, I have a feeling I’ll be sneaking visits to this little guy quite often!

Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-1Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-2Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-3Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-4Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-5Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-6Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-7Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-8Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-9Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-10Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-11Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-12Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-13Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-14Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-15Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-16Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-17Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-18Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-19Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-20Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-21Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-22Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-23



Dublin Senior Photography

Zoe | Dublin Coffman High School | Dublin, Ohio

Zoe is a sweet, smiley senior who truly has ‘grown up’ over the last several years that I’ve been photographing her family. I was so excited they chose me to document this important milestone and we had a great time in the (sweltering!) sun covering various parts of Dublin. Here is a preview of some of my favorites, so many to love!

Dublin senior photography-3Dublin senior photography-4Dublin senior photography-2Dublin senior photography-5Dublin senior photography-6Dublin senior photography-7Dublin senior photography-8Dublin senior photography-9Dublin senior photography-10Dublin senior photography-11Dublin senior photography-12Dublin senior photography-13Dublin senior photography-14Dublin senior photography-15Dublin senior photography-16Dublin senior photography-17Dublin senior photography-18Dublin senior photography-19Dublin senior photography-20Dublin senior photography-21Dublin senior photography-22Dublin senior photography-23Dublin senior photography-24Dublin senior photography-25

Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday & Cake Smash Photography Session | Dublin, Ohio

I have worked with this family for years and watched one little become two and then three. Now their “baby” is one and we had a great morning hanging out and of course, smashing a cake! Momma made the beautiful cake and it was SO good, the whole family joined in. πŸ™‚ Here are some favorites from their session…

Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-1Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-2Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-3Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-4Fazzio Fall 2018-21Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-6Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-7Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-8Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-9Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-10Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-11Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-12Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-13Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-14Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-15Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-16Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-17Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-18Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-19Dublin Family Photography Cake Smash-20