Dublin sitter session photography

Sitter session milestone | Dublin, Ohio

Baby Quinn was all smiles at her sitter session mini! Momma and I had a blast, enjoying a cup of coffee together while capturing Quinny’s giggles and adorably chubby little rolls. Seems like we blinked and she went from a tiny peanut to a seven month old. Can’t wait to continue to watch her grow!

Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-1Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-2Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-3Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-4Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-5Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-6Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-7Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-8Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-9Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-10Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-11Dublin ohio six month sitter milestone session-12

Worthington lifestyle newborn photography

Lifestyle newborn photography | Worthington, Ohio

Notice anything pink?! I was so excited to work with this family again and welcome their newest… a healthy, beautiful baby GIRL! Big brother is pretty fond of her already and we had a lot of laughs trying to capture that perfect “moment” with two young siblings (one of which does not like to sit still!). Welcome home baby Mackenzie!

Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-1Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-2Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-3Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-4Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-5Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-6Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-7Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-8Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-9Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-10Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-11Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-12Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-13Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-14Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-15Worthington lifestyle newborn photography-16

Olentangy Senior Photography

Olentangy Senior Photography Session | Lewis Center, Ohio

Here is our second senior for today’s two-part feature of some 2019 grads we couldn’t leave out! Lauren is just about the sweetest girl you may ever meet. Kind, compassionate, fun and full of life, she is a bright light with a gorgeous smile. Her flawless style along with a few personal touches – flowers and guitar included – perfectly personalized her session. The fall colors were in full effect and the golden sun came through strong as it set, my absolute favorite way to end any session. Wishing Lauren all the best this year as she heads out into our great big world!

lewis center ohio senior photography-1lewis center ohio senior photography-2lewis center ohio senior photography-3lewis center ohio senior photography-4lewis center ohio senior photography-5lewis center ohio senior photography-25.jpglewis center ohio senior photography-7lewis center ohio senior photography-8lewis center ohio senior photography-9lewis center ohio senior photography-12lewis center ohio senior photography-13lewis center ohio senior photography-16lewis center ohio senior photography-17lewis center ohio senior photography-18lewis center ohio senior photography-19lewis center ohio senior photography-20lewis center ohio senior photography-21lewis center ohio senior photography-22


Sidenote: I got to know Lauren and her sister through Orange HS over the years and it has been such a pleasure! I had to share some of these more “behind the scenes” memories… maybe not your typical gallery favorites, but ones I will always remember… Lauren’s love of yoga, life and laughter, the sisterly giggles and even the eye rolls. OOHS will miss you Lauren! And Sara you’d better come to visit next year! xo 

lewis center ohio senior photography-10lewis center ohio senior photography-11lewis center ohio senior photography-15lewis center ohio senior photography-14

Dublin senior photography

Dublin Senior Photography Session | Worthington, Ohio

When life gets hectic… we don’t always make time to blog! Now that we are moving into the most popular time of year for senior photos – late summer and early fall – we wanted to showcase two beautiful grads from 2019 that we adored working with.

This first senior is Maddy and although she’s a Dublin graduate, we met in old Worthington. Both her and mom wanted a short, simple and sweet senior session. We popped around to a few different spots, incorporated her passion for guitar and were even lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset. Maddy made it easy to capture her natural beauty and the session was a short and simple success! Here are some favorites…

Dublin ohio senior photography-1Dublin ohio senior photography-3Dublin ohio senior photography-4Dublin ohio senior photography-5Dublin ohio senior photography-6Dublin ohio senior photography-7Dublin ohio senior photography-8Dublin ohio senior photography-9Dublin ohio senior photography-10


Upper Arlington newborn photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session | Upper Arlington, Ohio

This sweet couple turned family came to us as a referral from an existing client and we are always honored for the trust they place on us! Coming into your home, meeting your newest little babe, hanging out with your family… all such personal details that we appreciate so much. This was their first baby and although Sofia was awake for her session, she was happily content… the perfect scenario for a lifestyle session, allowing mom and dad to interact with her and capture priceless first moments. Here are some favorites from my morning with the Schneiders.

upper arlington newborn photography-1upper arlington newborn photography-2upper arlington newborn photography-3upper arlington newborn photography-4upper arlington newborn photography-5upper arlington newborn photography-6upper arlington newborn photography-7upper arlington newborn photography-8upper arlington newborn photography-9upper arlington newborn photography-10upper arlington newborn photography-11upper arlington newborn photography-12upper arlington newborn photography-13upper arlington newborn photography-14

Dublin first birthday cake smash photography

First Birthday & Cake Smash Photography Session | Dublin, Ohio

These tiny twin girls were the most adorable thing I’ve seen lately! Dainty, precious, adorable and wow did they like cake! I worked with them a few years back for big brother’s cake smash and was happy to hear from them again to document yet another first birthday milestone… this time double the fun! 🙂 We started outside at a nearby park for some family and individual shots, then headed inside for cake and more smiles! Enjoy some favorites from this fun cake smash session… Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-7Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-4Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-5Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-6Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-1Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-2Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-3

Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-8Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-9Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-10Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-11Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-12Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-13Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-14Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-15Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-16Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-17Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-18Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-19Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-20Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-21Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-22Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-23Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-24Dublin ohio first birthday cake smash photography-25


Columbus newborn photography

Lifestyle newborn session | Harrison West / Columbus, Ohio

Hanging out with friends while cuddling their squishy newborn just doesn’t feel like “work” and is one of the many perks of this gig. I’ve been friends with mom, Angela, for as long as I can remember and witnessed her as a gorgeous bride, then a new mom and now, welcoming baby number two. Coby is adjusting perfectly, going from an only child to becoming a big brother and we played away the session as he gave me hugs, high fives and tons of smiles. This family of four is full of love and I was blessed to spend the afternoon with them. Meet their newest addition, Griffin Stanley Kurtz!

Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-15Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-13Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-14Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-12Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-10Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-11Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-9Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-8Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-7Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-6Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-5Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-4Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-3Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-2Columbus Ohio newborn Harrison West-1

Dublin Newborn Photography

Stylized + lifestyle newborn session | Dublin, Ohio

Spending time with the Stacks and celebrating their newest miracle was such a blessing! I had a wonderful time playing with the littles, chatting with the extended family and talking about all things parenthood, Disney and distance running. The love they all share is undeniable and I’m so thankful they let me crash their Sunday morning, camera and all. Meet the youngest baby Stack…

Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-1Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-2Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-3Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-4Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-5Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-6Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-7Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-8Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-9Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-10Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-11Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-12Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-13Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-14Dublin lifestyle newborn photography-15

Upper Arlington newborn photography

Lifestyle newborn session | Upper Arlington, Ohio

I met this dear family when Ava was just a few days old…. now she’s a big sister and hanging out with them on a Saturday morning felt like spending time with old friends. Thankful I got to capture some early precious moments with their newest baby girl ~ snuggles with mom, books with big sis and even dad changing one of the likely few diapers. 🙂 Here are some favorites from their session!

Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-1Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-2Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-3Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-4Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-5Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-6Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-7Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-8Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-9Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-10Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-11Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-12Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-13Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-14Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-15Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-16Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-17Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-18Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-19Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-20Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-21Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-22Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-23Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-24Dublin newborn lifestyle photography-26

Upper Arlington Newborn Photography

Lifestyle newborn session | Upper Arlington, Ohio

Oh em gee! This is the type of session dreams are made of. Baby Grace came to me through a mutual friend and I was ecstatic to work with this sweet family! They were warm & welcoming, the house was a gorgeous backdrop with neutral colors and dreamy natural light, baby Grace was the perfect balance of sleepy & awake (my favorite for lifestyle sessions) while big brother, although a tad camera shy, gave me some perfect smiles & expressions. And did I mention how cute they are?! Momma and I had fun hanging out and chatting about all things baby, decorating and our love for Cuddle+Kind dolls. Grace was a few weeks old and was awake for a while, but fell asleep at the perfect moment and we were able to end with a wrapped shot. I’m excited to see them again for some milestone sessions and hope we can get outside for some family photos as this crazy Ohio winter turns to spring!

Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-1Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-2Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-4Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-3Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-27Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-25Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-24Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-23Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-22Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-20Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-19Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-18Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-17Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-16Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-15Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-14Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-13Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-12Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-11Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-10Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-9Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-8Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-7Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-6Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-5Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-32Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-31Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-30Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-29Upper Arlington Ohio Newborn Photography Lifestyle-28