First Birthday Photography

First birthday & cake smash photography session | Columbus, Ohio

This adorable family of three has another on the way… so we figured we’d better share some favorites from Adeline’s one year session before she becomes a big sister! Life is hectic, the world is crazy… but this beautiful, smiling angel eating her cake is enough to make anyone smile. 🙂

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Dublin, Ohio

I enjoyed all my 2020-21 senior sessions, but this young lady holds a special place in my heart! I’ve known Leah for several years, survived a pandemic school year with her and we met up for FOUR different shoots between her two summer sessions, her fall session and lastly, her cap & gown session. We met for coffee just a couple days before her graduation & captured the last few memories of her senior year of high school. Although it took me all summer to blog these, I’ve been looking forward to sharing them and finally closing out our sessions from the class of 2021. We wish all our graduated seniors the best of luck as they head to college and out into the world this fall. Leah, you will be missed… but Capital isn’t far away, so instead of “goodbye” I’ll say “see you soon” (insert tear!).  

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Westerville, Ohio

Only two more Class of 2021 seniors to showcase before the new class comes along… and we couldn’t forget about Reina! I’ve known her for a few years and she is always good for a laugh (although she was unusually quiet during our session!?) I’ll miss seeing her smiling face and hope she enjoys life in the “real world” starting this fall!

Hilliard Family + Maternity Photography

Family + Maternity photography session | Hilliard, Ohio

We got exciting news this week that baby Quinn made her appearance into the world… making Jack a big brother! So before heading to visit this adorable family later today to meet their newest little one… I wanted to make time to share their BEAUTIFUL fall maternity+family mini session. They are just the cutest and I can’t wait to see them as a family of FOUR!

Dublin Family Sunset Photography

Family Fall Sunset session | Dublin, Ohio 

We don’t typically blog much in the fall due to school starting, a steep increase in sessions and lots of fun fall family activities of our own. HOWEVER, when we have a session we loooove with a dear friend (and her perfect little family), we BLOG! We laughed, we chased grasshoppers, we had so much fun! Check out a few favorites from our sunset session with the Carders!

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2021 

Winter, spring and early summer we shoot mostly families, babies and the occasional corporate or small business session… but once August rolls around, we start working more regularly with soon-to-be graduates. Zayla is the kind of dreamy client that makes me fall in love with senior photography over and again! A gorgeous girl on a beautiful late summer day is bound to give you some amazing images. We had SO much fun exploring the park, chatting it up and having an impromptu dance session on the boat dock! Check out some favorites from our evening sunset senior session…

I’d be remiss to not mention Zayla’s big sis, Milana, another one of my favorite senior clients –> click HERE to take a walk down memory lane!

Dublin first birthday photography

First birthday photography session | Dublin, Ohio 

This may be one of our last documented “summer” sessions of the year, as fall begins to roll in and the colors go from light, bright and airy to deeper, richer tones. This cute little party-of-four has been coming to us as their family has grown over the years and we were excited to celebrate the youngest’s first birthday… and hang on to summer just a little bit longer!

Dublin first birthday photography-1Dublin first birthday photography-2Dublin first birthday photography-3Dublin first birthday photography-4Dublin first birthday photography-5Dublin first birthday photography-6Dublin first birthday photography-7Dublin first birthday photography-8Dublin first birthday photography-9

Hilliard Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Hilliard, Ohio 

It is bound to be a legendary year, and many 2021 grads are making the best of the chaos while still taking part in “traditional” events like their senior photo session! Michael and I met up at Homestead Metro Park, exploring both the nature and the architecture of the park. Although I’m sure he was there more for his mom… he did a great job of acting like he was having a good time and channeling his “model” charm! Here’s hoping this was the start of an amazing senior year for you, Michael!

Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-2Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-3Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-4Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-1Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-5Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-6Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-7Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-8Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-9Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-10Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-11Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-12Dublin Hilliard Senior Photography-13

Dublin Family + Maternity Photography


Family + Maternity photography session | Dublin, Ohio 

The Carrolls have been working with me since they were a family of two several years ago and soon, they’ll be a family of five! Although I love the golden sunset, sometimes littles do best in the AM so we met early and spent a Saturday morning laughing, collecting rocks and exploring the park. It was a fun morning and I’m thankful they let me tag along, soaking in these last few months before their newest bundle arrives! Dublin family maternity photography-4Dublin family maternity photography-5Dublin family maternity photography-6Dublin family maternity photography-14Dublin family maternity photography-8Dublin family maternity photography-11Dublin family maternity photography-9Dublin family maternity photography-10Dublin family maternity photography-13Dublin family maternity photography-1Dublin family maternity photography-3

Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2021 

This next school year will bring unique adventures for all of us – especially our seniors – as they navigate the ever-changing school landscape, while making the most of their last year of high school. As summer draws to an end, our upcoming class of 2021 graduates will begin to schedule many important milestones… and we can’t wait to kick off senior portrait season!

I’ve been lucky enough to know Leah for a few years now and was SO happy when we scheduled her senior pictures. Not only is she GORGEOUS (I mean, just look at her!), she is also kind, genuine and incredibly entertaining… she makes me laugh and always sees the brighter side of life. Our first attempt didn’t last long as the rain rolled in and our session was shortened, but our second night gave us perfect weather and beautiful light. Although it was nearly impossible to narrow down her gallery and choose my favorites, I finally managed to do so… check out some favorites from Leah’s summer senior session!

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-7Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-5Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-6Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-9Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-8Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-19Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-17Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-16Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-13Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-11Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-10Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-1Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-2Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-3Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-4Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-23Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-22Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-21


One of Leah’s besties joined us too, so of course I had to snap a few of these cuties together…

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-14Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-15Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-20

Looking forward to this school year and fingers crossed, it goes as smooth and “normal” as possible!