Dublin First Birthday + Cake Smash Photography

Sweet & simple first birthday + cake smash session | Dublin, Ohio

Baby T came to us ready for his first birthday session, full of smiles & energy! We started with some portraits, then got down to business with his tiered cake, made with love by Our CupCakery. He wasn’t sure about the cake – both mom & dad had to jump in to encourage him at one point – but we still captured some fun moments and lots of laughter. Enjoy some favorites from our session!

First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -1First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -3First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -4First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -5First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -6First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -7First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -8First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -9First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -11First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -12First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -13First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -14First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -15First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -16First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -17First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -18First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -19First Birthday Cake Smash Dublin Ohio -20

Dublin holiday “sitter” session

Christmas/Holiday Sitter Session | Dublin, Ohio

Being Christmas Eve Eve, this will likely be our last post for a few days, so we wanted to close out the holiday season with one of our cutest little clients! Baby Will couldn’t be any more adorable and his sitter session was full of smiles, some ‘classic’ shots and of course, some holiday cheer. We know his family will enjoy celebrating Will’s first Christmas this year and sharing all his smiles with loved ones. Merry Christmas to the Kaspers and to all our amazing clients!!

Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-1Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-2Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-3Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-4Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-5Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-6Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-7Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-8Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-9Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-10Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-11Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-12Dublin Ohio Christmas Photography Sitter Session-13

Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday Cake Smash Session | LeenaBee Studio, Dublin, Ohio

I’ve been working with baby Sawyer and his family since he was in momma’s belly!  I loved having him in studio to celebrate him turning one. He didn’t love his cake, but he still gave us lots of smiles and I’m going to miss seeing him every three months. Happy first birthday little wild one!

One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-2One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-3One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-4One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-5One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-6One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-7One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-8One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-9One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-10One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-11One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-12One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-13One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-14One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-15One Year Cake Smash Dublin Ohio-16

Dublin Family Photography

Flecher Family // Red Trabue Nature Preserve // Dublin, Ohio 

I got to meet baby Ava when she was just a few days old, and now she is smiling, sitting and a becoming a beautiful little person! Milestone sessions are so much fun, getting to watch the littles grow and see their personalities blossom throughout the year. Mom & dad brought Ava to one of our favorite spots and although it was midday, we still found lots of shade and got lots of smiles! Here are some favorites from Ava’s mini session…

Flecher -1Flecher -3Flecher -4Flecher -5Flecher -6Flecher -7Flecher -10Flecher -12Flecher -13Flecher -15


Dublin First Birthday Photography

First Birthday Session | Historic Dublin & LBP Studio | Dublin, Ohio

Baby Avery has been visiting us since she was just a few days old and last week, she came to smash her cake!  “My First Year Milestone” sessions are close to our heart… we love seeing mom & dad throughout the year, and love getting to know the little ones as they are growing up, literally right in front of our camera!  Meet beautiful baby Avery…

Dublin one year cake smash photography-1Dublin one year cake smash photography-2Dublin one year cake smash photography-3Dublin one year cake smash photography-4Dublin one year cake smash photography-5Dublin one year cake smash photography-6Dublin one year cake smash photography-7Dublin one year cake smash photography-8Dublin one year cake smash photography-9Dublin one year cake smash photography-10Dublin one year cake smash photography-11Dublin one year cake smash photography-12Dublin one year cake smash photography-13Dublin one year cake smash photography-14Dublin one year cake smash photography-15Dublin one year cake smash photography-16


Dublin Six Month Milestone Photography

Six Month Milestone Photography | Indian Run Falls | Dublin, Ohio

We’ve loved watching little Sawyer grow big & strong like his daddy!  We met momma & dada at one of our favorite local spots and had a fun morning with Sawyer, giggles and all.  We say it every milestone session, but man… time does fly!

Dublin 6 month photography milestone-1Dublin 6 month photography milestone-2Dublin 6 month photography milestone-3Dublin 6 month photography milestone-4Dublin 6 month photography milestone-5Dublin 6 month photography milestone-6Dublin 6 month photography milestone-7Dublin 6 month photography milestone-8Dublin 6 month photography milestone-9Dublin 6 month photography milestone-10Dublin 6 month photography milestone-11Dublin 6 month photography milestone-12

Ellie turns 1!

First Birthday Cake Smash Session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

It is so much fun watching our littlest clients grow up! I can hardly believe that it has already been a year since Ellie’s newborn session with us. She has always been the perfect little model for us, and her cake smash was no exception! Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!


Dublin One Year/First Birthday Photography

Tu Family | Little Ones First Birthday Session | LeenaBee Studio

The Tu family first came to us last holiday season… mom, dad and four littles!  Momma stays busy with her crew and managed to sneak beautiful little Rilyn into the studio for some one-on-one time for her first birthday session.  We did the Little Ones session without a cake and even though smashes are my favorite, sometimes the simplicity of a regular session is just perfect.  We had enough time to do several outfit changes and captured her laughing, clapping, climbing and even a few pouting.  Meet Rilyn!

Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-1Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-2Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-3Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-4Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-5Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-6Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-7Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-8Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-9Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-10Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-11Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-12Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-13Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-14Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-15

Dublin Twin Milestone Photography

My First Year milestone session // Dublin, Ohio

These little baby Keels were supposed to have their nine month milestone… but life got away from us and this ended up being their ten month session!  This momma has TWO sets of twins, so it was easiest for us to bring the photo shoot to them.  Baby Quinn and baby Reece were full of smiles and took turns modeling for the camera.  Quinn doesn’t sit still so she was harder to capture, but overall the girls were happy and did great!

Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-1Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-2Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-4Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-5Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-6Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-7Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-8Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-10Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-11Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-12Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-13Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-14Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-16Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-17Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-18Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-19Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-20Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-21Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-22Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-23Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-24Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-25Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-26Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-27

Dublin Six Month Milestone Photography

Six month milestone session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

I will miss this family so much!  Mom & Dad have been visiting us since baby M was just a little peanut in momma’s belly.  We’ve gotten to see her through a maternity session, newborn session and then this fun six month milestone last week.  Baby M was all smiles and made the photo shoot a breeze. 🙂 The family is moving out of town and we will miss their sense of humor, chats about running and of course, their beautiful bundle of joy.  Best of luck K family!

Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-1Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-2Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-3Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-4Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-5Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-6Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-7Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-8Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-9Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-10Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-11Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-12Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-13Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-14Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-15Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-16