Ellie turns 1!

First Birthday Cake Smash Session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

It is so much fun watching our littlest clients grow up! I can hardly believe that it has already been a year since Ellie’s newborn session with us. She has always been the perfect little model for us, and her cake smash was no exception! Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!


Dublin One Year/First Birthday Photography

Tu Family | Little Ones First Birthday Session | LeenaBee Studio

The Tu family first came to us last holiday season… mom, dad and four littles!  Momma stays busy with her crew and managed to sneak beautiful little Rilyn into the studio for some one-on-one time for her first birthday session.  We did the Little Ones session without a cake and even though smashes are my favorite, sometimes the simplicity of a regular session is just perfect.  We had enough time to do several outfit changes and captured her laughing, clapping, climbing and even a few pouting.  Meet Rilyn!

Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-1Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-2Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-3Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-4Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-5Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-6Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-7Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-8Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-9Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-10Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-11Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-12Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-13Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-14Dublin First Birthday One Year Photography-15

Dublin First Birthday // Cake Smash Photography

Baby Evan | First Birthday Cake Smash | LeenaBee Studio, Dublin 

Baby Evan has been coming to us since he was just a few weeks old and we’ve loved watching him grow.  Now that he is one, he truly is a WILD ONE!  “Evie” as we call him, is a bundle of energy and didn’t sit still longer than a few seconds at a time.  Check out this little man’s session with mostly smiles, a few tears (he didn’t love his bow tie or crown), some fur eating and some cake smashing!

MinorCakeSmash-1MinorCakeSmash-16MinorCakeSmash-18MinorCakeSmash-34Evan one year blog-4Evan one year blog-5MinorCakeSmash-42MinorCakeSmash-55MinorCakeSmash-57Evan one year blog-1Evan one year blog-2Evan one year blog-6MinorCakeSmash-50Evan one year blog-3MinorCakeSmash-60MinorCakeSmash-71MinorCakeSmash-77MinorCakeSmash-79

Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

First Birthday Cake Smash session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

The Weideman family just moved here from out of town and were sad to leave their family photographer they’d worked with since their engagement.  We know how that is… we get very attached to our LBP families as we capture their memories through proposals, weddings, babies & beyond.

We are certainly glad they found us!  They were so fun & pleasant to work with and baby Ethan was the ultimate cake smasher!  He had a blast finger painting in the blue icing and turning himself into a little smurf.  🙂  We are thankful we got to document his first birthday session and hope to see the this family for years to come.  Welcome to Cbus Weidemans!

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Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash

First Birthday Cake Smash session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

Little Maya celebrated her first birthday with us “Sweet & Simple” style.  We got a few quick pictures in her birthday outfit, then she went right in for the smash!



Dublin First Birthday Cake Smash

First Birthday Cake Smash session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

We’ve been taking pictures of this family since their little guy joined them a year ago. We say it all the time, that first year goes SO fast and we are blessed to capture those memories for mommas & dads!  Jake’s first birthday photo shoot included our favorite things, a cake smash & lots of smiles. 🙂  With winter birthdays, we don’t get outside as often as we’d like, but he was just as happy in the studio.  Happy first year Jake!


Dublin First Birthday Photography

Dublin First Birthday session // Downtown Dublin & LBP Studio // Dublin, Ohio 

This family has been so much fun to watch grow over the last few years. They are always so fun and easy going, and can we talk about those headbands? Too cute! Happy Birthday Lennon…you are one loved little girl!


Dublin First Birthday [Cake Smash] Photography


We’ve been photographing the Cather’s for a few years now and it’s been a joy watching them grow from a family of three to a family of four.  Even though they live out of town and we don’t see them as often as we’d like, we genuinely enjoy meeting up with them to document another milestone in their lives.

We started their session at the Karrer Barn, then headed back to our in-home studio space for the cake smash.  The cute ombre smash cake was from Our CupCakery and this was our last session before moving to our new studio space in Historic Dublin.  As the saying goes, we saved the best for last… we hope this kind, fun family visits us for years to come!

dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-1 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-2 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-3 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-4 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-5 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-6 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-7 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-8 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-9 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-10 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-11 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-12 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-13 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-14 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-15 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-16 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-17 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-18 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-19 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-20 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-21 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-22 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-23 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-24 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-25 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-26 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-27 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-28 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-29 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-30 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-31 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-32

Dublin First Birthday [Cake Smash] Photography

Baby M’s Sweet & Simple First Birthday session started at one of our favorite locations, the Karrer Barn. Her family and big brother were happy to help document this special occasion!  We then headed to our in-home studio space for her cake smash, complete with a cute gold star banner & cake topper.  We hope her Twinkle, Twinkle birthday party was as adorable as her photo session!

Dublin cakesmash first birthday-1Dublin cakesmash first birthday-2Dublin cakesmash first birthday-3Dublin cakesmash first birthday-4Dublin cakesmash first birthday-5Dublin cakesmash first birthday-6Dublin cakesmash first birthday-7Dublin cakesmash first birthday-8Dublin cakesmash first birthday-9Dublin cakesmash first birthday-10Dublin cakesmash first birthday-11Dublin cakesmash first birthday-12Dublin cakesmash first birthday-13Dublin cakesmash first birthday-14

Dublin First Birthday Photography // Cake Smash & Splash!

We LOVE capturing first birthdays.

Lily just started walking, so we were able to document some of those wobbly early steps.  She hasn’t had much sugar, and we were able to capture her smiles as she daintily tasted her cake [mom & dad even got in on the action!].  And she was our very first “splash” session… taking a bubble bath after her cake smash to clean up.  Her family was sweet and the session was lots of fun!  Meet Lily…

Dublin cakesmash first birthday-1Dublin cakesmash first birthday-2Dublin cakesmash first birthday-3Dublin cakesmash first birthday-4Dublin cakesmash first birthday-6Dublin cakesmash first birthday-7Dublin cakesmash first birthday-8Dublin cakesmash first birthday-9Dublin cakesmash first birthday-10Dublin cakesmash first birthday-12Dublin cakesmash first birthday-13Dublin cakesmash first birthday-14Dublin cakesmash first birthday-15Dublin cakesmash first birthday-16Dublin cakesmash first birthday-17Dublin cakesmash first birthday-18Dublin cakesmash first birthday-19Dublin cakesmash first birthday-20Dublin cakesmash first birthday-21Dublin cakesmash first birthday-22Dublin cakesmash first birthday-23Dublin cakesmash first birthday-24Dublin cakesmash first birthday-25Dublin cakesmash first birthday-26Dublin cakesmash first birthday-27Dublin cakesmash first birthday-28Dublin cakesmash first birthday-29Dublin cakesmash first birthday-30Dublin cakesmash first birthday-31Dublin cakesmash first birthday-32Dublin cakesmash first birthday-33Dublin cakesmash first birthday-34Dublin cakesmash first birthday-35