Dublin newborn photography

Baby Scarlett | Dublin newborn photography | LeenaBee Studio, Dublin

Every now and then, we get a dream baby visiting us.  She slept soundly.  She had perfect skin.  She didn’t potty during the bum shots.  She was just a perfect little sleeping beauty! Scarlett’s session was a mix of studio light and natural light, giving us a variety of looks for her parents to cherish.  Meet this precious baby!

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Dublin First Birthday // Cake Smash Photography

Baby Evan | First Birthday Cake Smash | LeenaBee Studio, Dublin 

Baby Evan has been coming to us since he was just a few weeks old and we’ve loved watching him grow.  Now that he is one, he truly is a WILD ONE!  “Evie” as we call him, is a bundle of energy and didn’t sit still longer than a few seconds at a time.  Check out this little man’s session with mostly smiles, a few tears (he didn’t love his bow tie or crown), some fur eating and some cake smashing!

MinorCakeSmash-1MinorCakeSmash-16MinorCakeSmash-18MinorCakeSmash-34Evan one year blog-4Evan one year blog-5MinorCakeSmash-42MinorCakeSmash-55MinorCakeSmash-57Evan one year blog-1Evan one year blog-2Evan one year blog-6MinorCakeSmash-50Evan one year blog-3MinorCakeSmash-60MinorCakeSmash-71MinorCakeSmash-77MinorCakeSmash-79

Dublin Twin Milestone Photography

My First Year milestone session // Dublin, Ohio

These little baby Keels were supposed to have their nine month milestone… but life got away from us and this ended up being their ten month session!  This momma has TWO sets of twins, so it was easiest for us to bring the photo shoot to them.  Baby Quinn and baby Reece were full of smiles and took turns modeling for the camera.  Quinn doesn’t sit still so she was harder to capture, but overall the girls were happy and did great!

Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-1Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-2Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-4Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-5Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-6Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-7Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-8Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-10Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-11Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-12Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-13Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-14Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-16Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-17Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-18Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-19Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-20Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-21Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-22Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-23Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-24Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-25Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-26Dublin Ohio Baby Photography-27

Dublin Six Month Milestone Photography

Six month milestone session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

I will miss this family so much!  Mom & Dad have been visiting us since baby M was just a little peanut in momma’s belly.  We’ve gotten to see her through a maternity session, newborn session and then this fun six month milestone last week.  Baby M was all smiles and made the photo shoot a breeze. 🙂 The family is moving out of town and we will miss their sense of humor, chats about running and of course, their beautiful bundle of joy.  Best of luck K family!

Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-1Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-2Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-3Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-4Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-5Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-6Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-7Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-8Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-9Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-10Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-11Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-12Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-13Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-14Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-15Dublin Ohio 6 month photography milestone-16

Dublin Newborn Photography

In-home lifestyle & stylized newborn photography // Powell // LeenaBee Studio, Dublin

I LOVE this momma.  She is so kind, sweet and absolutely glows when she holds her new son.  Read more about Lauren and see her gorgeous sunset maternity post HERE.

I was so excited to meet baby Jack!  The Carders did both the stylized session in studio, as well as a lifestyle session in their Powell home.  Although the sun sets so early that we couldn’t utilize natural light, their home session still did its job and captured these beautiful new parents loving on their latest addition.  How blessed they are to snuggle and relax at home with baby Jack, just in time for Christmas!  dublin-newborn-photography-10dublin-newborn-photography-11dublin-newborn-photography-12dublin-newborn-photography-13dublin-newborn-photography-14dublin-newborn-photography-15dublin-newborn-photography-16dublin-newborn-photography-1dublin-newborn-photography-2dublin-newborn-photography-3dublin-newborn-photography-5dublin-newborn-photography-6dublin-newborn-photography-7dublin-newborn-photography-8dublin-newborn-photography-9

Dublin newborn photography

Dublin stylized newborn photography // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio

Working with first time parents is such an honor, watching them cuddle their new addition & look at each other with a whole new sense of love.  This gorgeous family came to our studio in historic Dublin to share their daughter with us. So thankful we get to help capture these early moments.  Meet little miss Ava!


Columbus Newborn Photography

Gill Family // Stylized + Lifestyle Newborn Session // Marysville, Ohio 

This family was a dream!  Baby Joshua slept soundly and was oh-so-cute. Big sister was super happy and cooperative.  Mom & Dad were friendly, relaxed and helpful~ they were even willing to share all their home DIY updates and IKEA hacks!  Their combination stylized+lifestyle in-home session perfectly captured the family with their precious new addition.


Dublin First Birthday Photography

Dublin First Birthday session // Downtown Dublin & LBP Studio // Dublin, Ohio 

This family has been so much fun to watch grow over the last few years. They are always so fun and easy going, and can we talk about those headbands? Too cute! Happy Birthday Lennon…you are one loved little girl!


Dublin baby photography

Madelyn Jane // My First Year Milestone // LBP Studio + Indian Run Falls, Dublin

Six months is one of my favorite ages, as both a momma and a photographer. Six month babies are generally so happy, every little thing makes them light up with smiles.  They usually aren’t on the move yet, so they sit still for your camera.  And since they aren’t moving, they often are more sedentary which results in adorable, pudgy baby rolls!  A onesie I recently found says “Pretty eyes, chubby thighs” which describes MJ perfectly.

Madelyn’s half birthday was August 16 and most of these pictures are from mid August.  Late summer into early fall is crazy for us as we have weddings, fall portraits and school starting so we often get behind when it comes to our own family photography (editing, posting, etc).  As we always say, “better late than never!”  Meet our adorable Maddie…


Dublin First Birthday Photography // Cake Smash & Splash!

We LOVE capturing first birthdays.

Lily just started walking, so we were able to document some of those wobbly early steps.  She hasn’t had much sugar, and we were able to capture her smiles as she daintily tasted her cake [mom & dad even got in on the action!].  And she was our very first “splash” session… taking a bubble bath after her cake smash to clean up.  Her family was sweet and the session was lots of fun!  Meet Lily…

Dublin cakesmash first birthday-1Dublin cakesmash first birthday-2Dublin cakesmash first birthday-3Dublin cakesmash first birthday-4Dublin cakesmash first birthday-6Dublin cakesmash first birthday-7Dublin cakesmash first birthday-8Dublin cakesmash first birthday-9Dublin cakesmash first birthday-10Dublin cakesmash first birthday-12Dublin cakesmash first birthday-13Dublin cakesmash first birthday-14Dublin cakesmash first birthday-15Dublin cakesmash first birthday-16Dublin cakesmash first birthday-17Dublin cakesmash first birthday-18Dublin cakesmash first birthday-19Dublin cakesmash first birthday-20Dublin cakesmash first birthday-21Dublin cakesmash first birthday-22Dublin cakesmash first birthday-23Dublin cakesmash first birthday-24Dublin cakesmash first birthday-25Dublin cakesmash first birthday-26Dublin cakesmash first birthday-27Dublin cakesmash first birthday-28Dublin cakesmash first birthday-29Dublin cakesmash first birthday-30Dublin cakesmash first birthday-31Dublin cakesmash first birthday-32Dublin cakesmash first birthday-33Dublin cakesmash first birthday-34Dublin cakesmash first birthday-35