Olentangy Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Olentangy Orange HS, class of 2021 

This next school year will bring unique adventures for all of us – especially our seniors – as they navigate the ever-changing school landscape, while making the most of their last year of high school. As summer draws to an end, our upcoming class of 2021 graduates will begin to schedule many important milestones… and we can’t wait to kick off senior portrait season!

I’ve been lucky enough to know Leah for a few years now and was SO happy when we scheduled her senior pictures. Not only is she GORGEOUS (I mean, just look at her!), she is also kind, genuine and incredibly entertaining… she makes me laugh and always sees the brighter side of life. Our first attempt didn’t last long as the rain rolled in and our session was shortened, but our second night gave us perfect weather and beautiful light. Although it was nearly impossible to narrow down her gallery and choose my favorites, I finally managed to do so… check out some favorites from Leah’s summer senior session!

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-7Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-5Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-6Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-9Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-8Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-19Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-17Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-16Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-13Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-11Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-10Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-1Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-2Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-3Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-4Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-23Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-22Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-21


One of Leah’s besties joined us too, so of course I had to snap a few of these cuties together…

Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-14Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-15Dublin Olentangy Senior Photography-20

Looking forward to this school year and fingers crossed, it goes as smooth and “normal” as possible!

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