Dublin Senior Photography

Senior photography session | Dublin Jerome HS, class of 2020 

I’ve known my friend Erin since way back in the day… “the good ol’ days” we often call them. We were fast friends, soccer teammates and created all kinds of fun ~ or rather mischief ~ together.

Flash forward to 2020 and Erin has a daughter old enough to head off to college! You can’t imagine how crazy this seems to me. Her daughter, Riley, is a recent graduate of Dublin Jerome and headed to play soccer this year as a Louisville Cardinal. She is a beautiful girl full of ambition and I hope her aspirations of being a collegiate athlete and starting her “real freshman year” play out as they should!

Although this session was captured a few months back, I’m finally making time to blog and commemorate the memories. It was my pleasure to spend the evening with not only Erin and Riley, but two of Riley’s friends, Alyssa and Lily. Between the three seniors, I saw the most variety I’ve had at a shoot with a total of 9 (or maybe 10?) outfit changes and loads of golden sunshine on the Mullady’s gorgeous farm. Here are some favorites from their session… and likely our last senior 2020 post as we begin working with the upcoming class of 2021!!


Dublin senior photography-3 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-4(Riley)Dublin senior photography-11 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-12 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-14 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-15 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-16 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-17 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-19 (Riley)Dublin senior photography-20 (Riley)


Dublin senior photography-1 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-2 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-3 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-4 (Alyssa) copyDublin senior photography-5 (Alyssa)Dublin senior photography-6 (Alyssa)


Dublin senior photography-1 (Lily)Dublin senior photography-2 (Lily)Dublin senior photography-2Dublin senior photography-3 (Lily)Dublin senior photography-3Dublin senior photography-6 (Lily)

Thanks for a fun evening girls! May you never lose your sense of laughter and keep dreaming for the stars… even if your freshman year looks different then planned! 

Dublin senior photography-22

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