Plain City Wedding Photography

Andrew & Kate | Anspaugh Family Farm | Plain City, Ohio

There’s not much that I love more than a backyard wedding. Add in a family that makes you feel like you’ve known them your whole lives, a couple that just wants to have fun, and a field full of cows, and you’ve just given me my dream wedding. Kate & Andrew are the perfect couple in every sense, and you could see their love for each other. We wish them the happiest life imaginable, and hope you continue dancing in fields at sunset for the rest of your lives.

Andrew&Katie Sneak PeekAndrew&Katie Sneak Peek-2Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-3Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-4Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-8Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-5Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-6Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-7Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-9Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-10Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-11Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-12Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-13Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-14Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-15Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-16Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-17Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-18Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-19Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-20Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-21Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-22Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-23Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-24Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-25Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-26Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-27Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-28Andrew&Katie Sneak Peek-29


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