Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography

Hannah & Cory  // The Boat House // Columbus, Ohio

These two know how to throw a party! While the ceremony was small & intimate, the reception was full of life… more guests on the dance floor then we’ve seen in a long time! The vows during the ceremony & the speeches during the reception brought tears and laughter to many. By the middle of the reception, held at The Boat House at Confluence Park, the bride “let her hair down” (literally!) and the dancing continued into the night. It was a fun event, enjoyed by all and we were thankful to be a part of it.

Sidenote:  Hiring a good DJ can truly enhance your reception/party! Hannah & Cory’s DJ (Sonus Entertainment) was one of the best we have worked with.  He was not only a super nice guy with a great playlist – he got EVERYONE out on the dance floor – but he also had a background in photography.  He “talked shop” with us a bit, and offered a unique perspective. He even waited until after the first dance to shine the neon strobe lights. 🙂  

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