Dublin Family Photography

McCray Family // M.L. Red Trabue Nature Preserve // Dublin, Ohio

This was such a fun family session. The light was perfect, the kids were adorable, and I love when mom and dad jump in front of the camera sans kiddos. You can always feel the love, even amidst the chaos that is family picture night! mccrayfamilydublin-2mccrayfamilydublin-3mccrayfamilydublin-4mccrayfamilydublin-5mccrayfamilydublin-6mccrayfamilydublin-7mccrayfamilydublin-8mccrayfamilydublin-9mccrayfamilydublin-10mccrayfamilydublin-11mccrayfamilydublin-12mccrayfamilydublin-13mccrayfamilydublin-14mccrayfamilydublin-15mccrayfamilydublin

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