Dublin First Birthday [Cake Smash] Photography


We’ve been photographing the Cather’s for a few years now and it’s been a joy watching them grow from a family of three to a family of four.  Even though they live out of town and we don’t see them as often as we’d like, we genuinely enjoy meeting up with them to document another milestone in their lives.

We started their session at the Karrer Barn, then headed back to our in-home studio space for the cake smash.  The cute ombre smash cake was from Our CupCakery and this was our last session before moving to our new studio space in Historic Dublin.  As the saying goes, we saved the best for last… we hope this kind, fun family visits us for years to come!

dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-1 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-2 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-3 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-4 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-5 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-6 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-7 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-8 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-9 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-10 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-11 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-12 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-13 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-14 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-15 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-16 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-17 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-18 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-19 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-20 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-21 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-22 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-23 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-24 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-25 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-26 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-27 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-28 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-29 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-30 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-31 dublin-cake-smash-first-birthday-photography-32

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