Ciera // Senior Photography

Ciera // Olentangy Senior Photo Session // Dublin, Ohio 

Sometimes, magic happens.

Gorgeous, golden light. A stunning subject. A heavenly location. They all blend together in perfect harmony.  Ciera is an amazing girl, soon to be a senior at Olentangy Orange High School.  She truly was a natural and made our session easy, fun and one of my favorite, hands down.  Like EVER.  I’ve been on a baby craze lately, but she makes me want to do senior sessions over and over!  Meet Ciera…

Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-1Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-2Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-3Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-4Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-5Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-6Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-7Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-8Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-9Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-11Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-12Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-13Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-14Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-15Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-6Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-5Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-4Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-3Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-2Ciera Dublin Senior 2016-1Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-24Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-26Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-27Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-28Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-29Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-33Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-34Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-35Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-37Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-38Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-39Olentangy Senior Dublin Senior-41

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