Columbus Lifestyle Newborn Photography

“Coby” Kurtz | Stylized + Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Columbus, Ohio

This family is close to our hearts as we’ve been friends for years.  Coby is the perfect addition… he was adorable, slept like a champ, had perfect skin… the dream baby! Mom & dad are so comfortable and naturally good at being parents, it was as if they were meant to raise babies together. 🙂  We started with some stylized poses of just little man, then moved into the lifestyle portion.  Meet their new addition!

Columbus newborn-1Columbus newborn-2Columbus newborn-3Columbus newborn-4Columbus newborn-5Columbus newborn-6Columbus newborn-7Columbus newborn-8Columbus newborn-9Columbus newborn-10Columbus newborn-11Columbus newborn-12Columbus newborn-13Columbus newborn-14Columbus newborn-15Columbus newborn-16Columbus newborn-17Columbus newborn-18Columbus newborn-19Columbus newborn-20Columbus newborn-21Columbus newborn-22Columbus newborn-23Columbus newborn-24Columbus newborn-25

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