Dublin First Birthday [Cake Smash] Photography

This little guy has a special place in our hearts.  We’ve been photographing him for a year now and have enjoyed both watching him grow, as well as getting to know his parents.  His birth story was so touching, we were honored to work with him in those first few months.  Take a glimpse at this beautiful family (in reverse chronological order!)

First Birthday and Cake Smash // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio 

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Milestone Session // Schiller Park // German Village, Ohio 

We met in German Village to get some family shots just before baby C’s half birthday.

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Newborn session // LeenaBee Studio // Dublin, Ohio 

Baby C was a little over 8 weeks by the time he came to see us, so it was a challenge to keep him asleep… he wanted to check out all the action!

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