Dublin newborn lifestyle photography

Madelyn Jane | Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Dublin, Ohio

When your sister is a photographer, you tend to have a lot of family photo sessions. We are very thankful she has spent so much time with us lately, from hospital and birth photos, to the stylized newborn session and now this lifestyle session. We waited a few weeks to do this portion so things could settle down at home [okay and allow me to clean, declutter & find an outfit… things I should have probably done pre-baby!]

Since we only have a three bedroom house and one is used for our in-home photography studio space, Madelyn is currently sharing a room with her big brother. She will probably be in our room for the first 6-9 months anyhow so JP doesn’t seem to mind!

I know as moms we don’t always look or feel our best right after baby, but I’m so grateful to have these images. We will never have this time in our lives back and I want to capture and treasure every. single. moment. Moms, don’t be afraid to step in front of the camera every now and then! Your little one thinks you are beautiful, just the way you are. In fact, at least for now, you are their very favorite person in the entire world… don’t let those moments go uncaptured.

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If you missed Madelyn’s hospital or stylized newborn session, check it out HERE!  And again, a million thanks and hugs to my sis, or as we call her, Aunt Kiki.  We love you!

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