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Jennifer & Kevin | Wedding Photography | Dublin, Ohio

We first got to know Jennifer and Kevin at their engagement session late last year.  They told us “nothing too serious” and we all had a fun afternoon filled with coffee, genuine smiles and laughter.  We love when couples do the engagement session because it allows us the opportunity to hang out with the bride and groom prior to their big day.

Flash forward to last weekend… yes that crazy-weather Saturday filled with sun, rain, sleet, high winds and yep… snow.  Jennifer and Kevin made the best of it and we got creative with some of their photo spots.  The intimate moments of the reveal were done at Corozon, where both bride and groom were emotional and full of joy.  We then covered all of Dublin, having the ceremony at Prince of Peace Church, some photo fun at Brazenhead (to escape the Ohio weather) and then finally ending at the reception location, La Scala.

We finished the evening with one of the most lively weddings we’ve attended, as the dance floor was full non-stop!  The bride thanked us over and again, and we hope our images captured the love and details of their day in a way that makes them smile.

Meet the new Mr & Mrs Buehrle…

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