Westerville Lifestyle Maternity Session

Sadler Family | Lifestyle Maternity Session | Westerville, Ohio

Love doing in-home lifestyle sessions.  Your environment, your family, interacting with each other.  We just show up with a camera and capture these moments for you to cherish forever!  The Sadler’s are expecting baby #2 in February and wanted to do a family/maternity session before the little one arrives.  Here are some of our favorites…

Sadler maternity-1

Sadler maternity-2

Sadler maternity-5

Sadler maternity-6

Sadler maternity-3

Sadler maternity-4

Sadler maternity-9

Sadler maternity-10

Sadler maternity-7

Sadler maternity-8

Sadler maternity-13

Sadler maternity-14

Sadler maternity-15

Sadler maternity-16

Sadler maternity-12

Sadler maternity-11

Sadler maternity-17

Sadler maternity-18

Sadler maternity-19

Sadler maternity-20

Sadler maternity-21

Sadler maternity-23

Sadler maternity-22

Sadler maternity-24

Sadler maternity-25




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