Dublin Family & First Birthday Cake Smash Session

Althoff Family | First Birthday ‘Simple & Sweet’ Cake Smash Session | Dublin, Ohio

Baby Alex’s first birthday session was ‘simply’ perfect!  Her momma chose a custom package of a short family session at the Karrer Barn in Dublin, then the studio ‘sweet & simple’ cake smash session.  We got to capture many sides of Alex’s adorable personality and loved watching her play with her cake in the daintiest way!

Simple smash cake by Our CupCakery in Historic Dublin

Alex cake smash-1Alex cake smash-2Alex cake smash-3Alex cake smash-4Alex cake smash-5Alex cake smash-6Alex cake smash-7Alex cake smash-8Alex cake smash-9Alex cake smash-10Alex cake smash-11Alex cake smash-12Alex cake smash-13Alex cake smash-14Alex cake smash-15Alex cake smash-16Alex cake smash-17Alex cake smash-18Alex cake smash-19Alex cake smash-20Alex cake smash-21Alex cake smash-22Alex cake smash-23Alex cake smash-24Alex cake smash-25Alex cake smash-26Alex cake smash-27


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