Dublin Senior Photography

Leah | Dublin Coffman HS Senior | Inniswood Metro Gardens | Westerville

Leah is a senior at Dublin Coffman, where both Kelsey and Teresa attended [years ago!] We decided to meet at Inniswood, for its awesome variety of photo options within one location; rustic, greenery, even a touch of urban.  Leah was one of our favorite seniors thus far.  She was a natural model, very comfortable in front of the camera.  She has a beautiful smile, great style and long, gorgeous hair… all elements for a polished finished product!  She was also super sweet and fun to work with.  Meet Leah…

Leah Senior-1 Leah Senior-2 Leah Senior-3 Leah Senior-4 Leah Senior-5 Leah Senior-6 Leah Senior-7 Leah Senior-8 Leah Senior-9 Leah Senior-10 Leah Senior-11 Leah Senior-12
Leah Senior-14 Leah Senior-15 Leah Senior-16 Leah Senior-17 Leah Senior-18 Leah Senior-19 Leah Senior-20 Leah Senior-21 Leah Senior-22 Leah Senior-23 Leah Senior-24 Leah Senior-25

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