Dublin Family Photography

Garringer Family | Sunrise Family Photography Session | Indian Run Falls | Dublin, Ohio

Reconnecting with this family was so much fun and adorable little Parker is a spitting image of his dad, Dennis!  At 18 months, he was totally goofy and silly, making all kinds of funny faces, including his signature squish face.  Although it was a tad humid and windy, the weather cooperated for us after a few rainy days and a reschedule.  It was great to see Dennis & Kelly again, and even better meeting their munchkin.  Here is a peek at their session…

Garringer-6 Garringer-7 Garringer-8 Garringer-9 Garringer-10 Garringer-11

Garringer 5 Garringer-12 Garringer-13 Garringer-14 Garringer-15 Garringer-16 Garringer-17 Garringer-18 Garringer-19 Garringer-20 Garringer-21 Garringer-22 Garringer-23 Garringer-24

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