Westerville Senior Photos + Five tips for making your senior session a success!

Gelila // Olentangy Orange High School Senior // Inniswood // Westerville, Ohio

Recently, we were blessed to work with this beautiful young lady, Gelila aka GG, for her senior photo shoot.  She is a student at Olentangy Orange and was excited to work with us on a fun, fashionable shoot.  Gelila-3Before, during & after working with GG, we discussed several things that would make the session successful.  And it was!  So here are our tips…

Five Tips for an Awesome Senior Picture Photo Shoot!

1. Show the various sides of your personality.  A mix of dressy & casual outfits, some smiling photos, some not… we want to showcase your many facets!  Try on your outfits prior to the session and make sure they ‘work’ for you.  Practice various smiles, stances, positions – sitting, standing, arms crossed, etc – in the mirror.  Yes, you will feel silly… but who cares!

2.  Solid, neutral colors tend to photograph well.  Think creams, whites, greys, blues. Busy patterns, text and super bright colors are not as flattering.  Darker shades tend to be more slimming.  Our all time fav?  Whites and creams, especially at sunset (unless you are fair skinned and they wash you out!)

3.  Textures and layers can add an interesting dimension – think belts, shaw/kimonos, scarves, jewelry, layered tops.  You can always switch them out with a neutral outfit to give a photo a whole new look.

4. Be YOU… but a polished version!  This is NOT the time to try a new hair cut or style… try that a few weeks/months prior.  Pay attention to little details that will likely end up in photographs (nail polish, shoes, etc).  Girls – even if you don’t normally wear makeup, a little neutral makeup can really make a difference!  Be daring and splurge on hair or makeup!  Also, if you have a location, props, etc that are important, ask if you can incorporate them into your session.

5.  HAVE FUN!  Laughs & smiles make great, genuine photos.  Finding a photographer that makes it an enjoyable experience will be worth the time spent looking [we know a couple that are really fun! 🙂 ] Gelila-16Gelila-19

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