Dublin Newborn Lifestyle Photos [Remi]

Remi & Big Brother EJ | Newborn lifestyle photography session | Dublin, Ohio

We went from a steady stream of boys to a steady stream of girls!  Remi was our third baby girl this winter and was just a few days old at her newborn session.  She was super sleepy and cooperative (not to mention super adorable), the family was too-too cute, the house was the perfectly decorated backdrop and big brother EJ did an excellent job of playing along!  Seriously, the session could not have gone any better.  Check out some of our favorites…

Remi & EJ-20

Remi & EJ-19

Remi & EJ-18

Remi & EJ-17

Remi & EJ-16

Remi & EJ-15

Remi & EJ-14

Remi & EJ-13

Remi & EJ-12

Remi & EJ-11

Remi & EJ-10

Remi & EJ-9

Remi & EJ-8

Remi & EJ-7

Remi & EJ-6

Remi & EJ-5

Remi & EJ-4

Remi & EJ-3

Remi & EJ-2

Remi & EJ-1

Several accessories/headbands compliments of Avery’s Chic Boutiqe ~ find them on Etsy HERE

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