Project 52 ~ weeks 11-15

We started this 52 week project as a quest to get some practice and [luckily] clients have been keeping us busy.  We [obviously] always put the customer first, so our fun little project keeps getting pushed to the side!

Below are weeks 11-15.  


Week 11 

Theme:  patterns 

Scioto Mile

The Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus ~ notice the pattern of pillars?  

Week 12 

Theme: blue

It was too hard to decide between these two… so we chose them both!


Little miss Natalie

Little miss Natalie in her blue ‘Frozen’ dress and her beautiful blue eyes



Tiff & Chris engaged

 Tiff and Chris’s engagement session ~ found this blue background down on Ohio State campus 


Week 13 

Theme: vast 

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The vast ocean ~ Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Spring Break 2014 


Week 14 

Theme:  radiate 

Once again, there were two we loved… and we love these two more than life!


Little JP radiates joy as he experiences the beach for the first time 

Big brother Eef

Ethan radiates joy as he announces the news of his future baby brother 

Week 15 

Theme:  white 

The Barn

 One of our favorite photography spots near Historic Dublin – winter white!  


 Thanks for dropping in!  

Check back each week for a new theme/post and send us ideas for shots if you’d like.   For more info, visit M4H Photography.

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