Project 52 ~ weeks 8-10

We are behind schedule!  We [were lucky enough to have] had FIVE client shoots within a week and a half, so we put the customers first and got a little behind on our 52 week project.

Here are weeks 8-10, will get caught up soon (I think M4H is already on week 13!  Yikes!)

Week 8 

Theme:  Bright

Captured this  California family in the snow a couple weeks ago.  The girls’ bright coats really stood out against the bright, beautiful white snow!



Week 9 

Theme:  Color blind 

Ok I know we aren’t being too creative here… but it was hard to come up with something for color blind!!!  So here is the same photo above, in black & white… the way someone who CANNOT see color may see it.  Although our brothers are color blind, they can still see color, just get them mixed up [should have heard the argument about what color TMNT Donatello was… purple or brown?!]

LBP - Color Blind

And just for fun, another color-less photo… Kelsey, out on a shoot…

Kelsey LBP-1

Week 10 

Theme:  Soft 

This is probably one of my favorite pictures EVER (Teresa).  I guess I think it fits the ‘soft’ theme due to the quiet state I found them in and the silhouette softness.  These two are best buds.

LBP - Soft silhouette


Had to include the adorable black & white version too…


Check back each week for a new theme/post and send us ideas for shots if you’d like.   For more info, visit M4H Photography.

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