7/52 ~ Focus

Week 7 ~ Project 52 

Theme:  Focus

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on just ONE photo for the weekly theme, so this week we’ve selected two.

Our little guys, JP & Ethan, have birthdays just two weeks apart.  This year, JP turned one and Ethan turned three.  Let me tell you, I didn’t realize how fast time goes until I became a mom.  You snap your fingers and they are a year older.  Seriously.

The boys were both very FOCUSED on their birthday cakes, while we were very FOCUSED on getting just the right photo.  Such moms, we are!


Ethan’s third birthday party…


He was so excited, so FOCUSED on his birthday candle while we all sung the traditional birthday song.  Also, shooting wide open is one of our favorite tricks, so this f/1.4 shot kept the focus right where it should be… on the birthday boy!

Ethan spent his birthday this year in DISNEY [lucky!] so we had his party when he returned.  It was Jake/Pirate themed and full of kids, cake, family & fun.  Happy 3rd Eef, you’re growing up too fast!


JP’s birthday cake smash session… 


We may have already posted this one earlier in February, but hey, it went with the theme!   I had to actually give him TWO cupcakes to get him to sit here long enough for a few cake-smash shots.  JP’s birthday theme was OH-IO made ~ you can see all the event coverage on LiveCbus.com HERE or on our blog HERE.


Check back each week for a new theme/post and send us ideas for shots if you’d like.   For more info, visit M4H Photography.

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