5/52 ~ Noise

Week 5 ~ Project 52 

Theme:  Noise

Went back and forth on this theme a lot.


Perhaps digital noise (in camera)?  Or a baby crying?   What makes noise that would be an interesting photo?

Finally settled on this precious moment…

JP turns one!-56

The delightful ‘noise’ of a baby’s laugh.

JP’s laugh is such a big part of his personality now, so adorably cute.  This photo was snapped during his birthday shoot… the big O-N-E!  He was laughing and giggling and NOT sitting still for his momma.  Glad to have this moment captured forever.  You can never take enough pictures of your little ones, so please keep those cameras clicking!

If this weather ever improves and we can stay healthy (we’ve taken turns being sick), would love to get outside and take some pictures for this project!  Darn that groundhog 🙂

Check back each week for a new theme/post and send us ideas for shots if you’d like.   For more info, visit M4H Photography.

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