Tips for DE-STRESSING during wedding planning

Come February, many happily engaged couples are planning their weddings and it can be fun (depending on your interests), but can also be stressful!

Tips for DE-STRESSING your wedding planning…

  1. Get the BIG things booked ~ venue(s), photographers (duh!), caterers ~ then give yourself some down time to just enjoy each other before tackling smaller details.  Figure out what is important to you (the dress?  the band?  the fabulous pictures?), book, then take a break.  Breathe.  Enjoy life for a while!!
  2. Exercise.  Endorphins, stress relief, weight maintenance or loss… the benefits are endless.
  3. Drink LOTS of water.  It will keep you healthy and as an added bonus, may help you drop a few last minute pounds.
  4. Plan a monthly (or weekly!) date night to focus on you as a couple and not necessarily talk about the wedding.
  5. Enlist some help ~ if your wedding party or family doesn’t offer to help, why not ask?
  6. If you’re a writer, let your feelings flow!  Keep a wedding planning log, a journal, heck even a blog!  It may help you unwind and will be a fun memory to reflect back on some day.
  7. Plan a night with your friends.  Book Club.  Wine Club.  Dinner.  Whatever gets you out of the house, laughing, connecting and takes your mind off the stress.
  8. If your budget allows, leave town for a night… or a week!  Plan a pre-wedding getaway (with friends, family or your fiancé) to a destination of your choice.
  9. Appoint a ‘go-to’ person for logistics, answering questions, etc on the wedding day.  It doesn’t have to be a professional wedding planner (although those are fantastic!), just someone who can help diffuse some of the day-of stress.  We’ve seen too many brides rushing around, answering a million questions…. it should be your day to RELAX and enjoy the journey you’re about to begin.
  10. LET GO of your worries and stay focused on the big picture.  On your big day, no one will remember all the little details, but they WILL remember having fun and being a part of your story.

We could keep going, but we don’t want to stress you out 🙂

Planning your wedding in Dublin?  

The Dublin Convention & Visitor’s Bureau has put together a Wedding Guide with vendors, venues and other information.

You can visit their website or download the PDF here ~ Dublin CVB Wedding Guide

Megan + Joel had us take pictures at Scioto Park and their cool idea made the publication!  Congrats Megan + Joel!

Jones Wedding ~ LBP 2013-2

If you need help, have questions or are still looking for [fun & fabulous] photographers, contact LBP today!

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