1/52 ~ Reflection

LBP is going to participate in Project 52 this year… we love a photo challenge!  A new theme is provided each week , in which you’re encouraged to capture and share an image.  Visit M4H Photography for more details and be sure to check our blog each week for new posts.  You can even send us ideas for shots or take your own challenge (two of our clients got DSLRs for Christmas, so practice, practice, practice!)

Week 1 ~ Project 52   or    (1/52 as we’ll refer to them each week)

Theme:  Reflection

We have been reflecting on 2013 for LBP and so we are cheating this week… We are using THREE images from the past (instead of taking a new one).  Not that they are our best shots, in fact they are more just snapshots, but they capture the essence of LBP.  Once we became mommas (and aunts!), we became addicted to taking pictures of these two handsome fellas.  The images also show how fast time flies, how quickly babies become toddlers (tear, sniffle!)  Make sure you are capturing YOUR lives, whether its with your own camera, an iPhone or you’re contacting a photographer (hopefully LBP!).  These little ones will be teenagers, asking to borrow the car or go on a date before we know it.

And now back to the theme, REFLECTION… our photography skills, equipment, customer base and passion have grown infinitely this past year.  We are thankful for all our clients, as LBP would not exist without you.  We are also thankful for our families who support us, and our sons who are the main reason LBP was created.

2013 was an awesome year, for our families, LBP and hopefully all of you!

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